Parker County Today December 2016 - Page 15

of different things,” Austin said. “I knew I wanted to catch something on fire, because let’s be honest, I like to catch stuff on fire.”  The win was a surprise for this first-timer in the annual dessert competition of the fourth annual Parker County Today’s Sweet Charity & Bachelorettes event. “I wasn’t paying attention when they called my name,” Austin said of the pleasant surprise. The dish uses fresh Texas Toast soaked in cream, adding in sugar and eggs. The chocolate in the pudding comes from chocolate chips. The sauce uses an upscale whiskey, TX Whiskey, made in Fort Worth, because of its vanilla notes, and then he adds in brown sugar and butter to finish the sauce. The fire burns off the alcohol in the whiskey. Vintage hosted a seven-course wine dinner for their bachelorette and her charity, the Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter. The Texas Toast Bread Pudding was the dessert at the fundraising dinner and it was a huge hit. One of their regular customers suggested serving it at the competition. The Texas Toast Bread Pudding appears on Vintage’s regular dessert menu, although it is served with ice cream at the restaurant. “We go through a lot of bread pudding,” Austin said. Austin emphasized that he couldn’t have won Dessert Chef of the Year without a great team behind him at Vintage, including Restaurant Manager Jacob Meier, Sous Chef Chase Love and Operations Director Sarah Casen. Another important crew member is Bar Manager Caitlin Macrae who attended the dessert event with Austin. “We’ve got a good team both in the kitchen and in management,” Austin said. Austin, Meier and Casen are close; all three of them are Weatherford FfW2BfR&'FF2vF6F2bV6FW"W7FƗfW2vF2vfRW'6RBvVFW&f&B&VvVF66VFW"BFV"FB&'*FRW6PRw&WrWFRw&Wv2V6VBF7W'BFPvVFW&f&B&W"6VG6VFW"2FV"6&GFR&W7FW&B2Frg&VFǒvrFw2FPFFRFV"gW''wVW7G26f'F&RFWfPfVF'b3&v2f"FRFvwwVW7G2fFvR2Frf*( f6VƖgN( G2VRB06R7V6WfVG26֖rWFR6Vg2fRWw&FV@FR&W7FW&N( 2&VGFVƖ6W266Vg&VB7FV@FR66VBvffW2B&RFFrFFF6vGW&R'W&vW'2BBFw2FFRWrVRv6&VBWBfV&W"FR&fVBVRfVGW&W2Wr6&66VG,:RWr6F6BWpFW76W'BVRf"fFR&W7FW&B2rffW&r'&Vf7BGVW6FF&Vvg&FB''V6FRvVVVG02vV66RVW"2ff6W"vFFRvVFW&f&@FvFv'W6W72Ɩ6RFWvfR7V62f FRFV6V&W"FW>( vBWB7FVB'FRƖ6PFV2R6WFrV6RFN( 2Wr2( FFRvN( Ч7V6f"CcFBv6VFRW66RWW&V6P6VFrVG,:W2f"GvVR7FV"6W6P6G26&VBWFW"BFW76W'@vF&F2F7W&RBv&P6RF6V6FV"vV'6FR@f6V&f"F6R7V6FFW2*fFvR26FVBB#"f'@v'FvvvVFW&f&B6V6WBFV"vV'6FRBfFvVw&FW6WV6"f6V&f W6֖rƗfRW62W&f&6W0BF2b7W'&VB7V62@FV6FVBFW76W'G2࠮( vRvF&VvBb'&V@VFFr( РDT4T$U"#`"R"2RBBB#b&6V&WGFRbFRV"֖VW00