Parker County Today August 2017 - Page 86

Continued from page 80 includes a program for adults and teenagers, known as the junior volunteer program. The majority of the teens volun- teer during the summer when school is out. For the junior volunteers, it gets them out in the community and used to working with people, kind of like an internship. The seniors fill in the rest of the time, helping out all over the hospital. Throughout the week, there are approximately 35 volunteers who work in the hospital in different capacities from 30 to 40 hours a week.   “We value the Senior Circle and volunteer programs at Weatherford Regional,” said David Orcutt, president of Weatherford Regional Medical Center. “Senior Circle keeps us connected to our community and to our patients by providing a fun and educational social network. The volunteer programs bring a great perspective, comfort, and a personal touch to the patients they encounter. The junior volunteer program provides a great opportunity for workplace experience and allows us to invest in our future healthcare professionals.”  Jarquot has been volunteering since 2002 and currently volunteers in the hospital lobby on Monday mornings. She has donated over 2,200 hours of her time to the volunteer program and loves it.  “I love giving back a little, and meeting the people,” she explained. “All it takes is one thank you to offset all the negative you hear. Since I volunteer at the front lobby, I get to greet all the people coming in. I enjoy it. It makes you feel good when you are appreciated.”  84 Wanda Brian, 97, has been a pivotal member of the Senior Circle and its volunteer program. Brian had a horri- ble car accident in December of 2016 that caused her to have to stop driving, and to stop volunteering. She misses volunteering and her friends at the Senior Circle, and cherishes her memories from that organization.  “I had stopped teaching and I had a chance to give back to the city because it had been real good to our family,” explained Brian. “I know that sounds like a book or something, but that’s just the way I felt about it. And besides that, if I was not teaching I had some time to do things and I had always wanted to volunteer at the hospital. The problem was I had seen an article in the Fort Worth paper; they had volunteers in the Fort Worth hospital as rocking grannies and they were in the newborn section and I was like, that’s what I want to do. I stopped teaching in July of 1983, so I had a little traveling to do before, but January of 1984 is when I started volunteering at the hospital.”   The Senior Circle and volunteer program continue to thrive throughout the hospital. That being said, there is always room for more members who wish to connect with other seniors, members who want to engage in fun activities and fellowship, or members who would like the opportunity to give back to their community. If you are interested in joining, whether it be the Senior Circle or volunteer program, contact the hospital at (682) 582-1000. They would be happy to have you.