Parker County Today August 2017 - Page 65

GENERAL CONTRACTOR ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR 817.599.6815 817.599.6800 1110 E Bankhead Dr • Weatherford, Texas 76086 Mop Heads Cleaning Service Clean, Seal, and Restore Your Floors! Mop Heads Cleaning Service is offering a new and exciting cleaning experience. We are now certified, in restoration services for Hardwood, Hardwood Laminates (Engineered Hardwood), Tile, Natural Stone (Marble, Slate, Granite, Soap Stone), Grout and Carpets. • Are your hardwood or laminate floors, hazy or dull? • Do they have a buildup of wax or a peeling finish? • Does your tile, stone, or concrete floors need to be deep cleaned or sealed? • Is your grout sealed? • Did you know most contractors don’t seal the grout after installing new floors? •Could your carpets use a deep cleaning? We Can Help! Restoring your floors is a cost-efficient option, compared to resurfacing or replacing them. It takes less time and leaves little to no mess! **Ask today for a free estimate, and find out how affordable it can be to make your floors look like new.** (817) 692-1031 Continued on page 72 McCrory Mitchell & Mitchell & Associates He takes tourists past duck blinds, cypress knees scarred by the teeth of beavers and, in warmer months, gator dens. “When it gets warmer, I take people out at night,” he said. “That’s when the wildlife comes out. I don’t guarantee they’ll see alligators, but I haven’t been on a tour yet we didn’t see some.” Visit for booking and pricing information. Following an afternoon tour on the lake, scoot over to River Bend Restaurant for an afternoon treat. Enjoy the river lazily flowing past the fully screened deck and ceiling fans cooling outdoor diners. Have a glass of perfectly brewed iced tea and some peach cobbler with homemade vanilla ice cream, or a slice of south- ern pecan pie served on a drizzle of raspberry sauce before heading back to town. A short rest and a dusk stroll around the hotel will help work off your cobbler or pie and prepare you for dinner. Again, solid choices abound, but one of the busiest places in town is Lamache’s Italian Restaurant located in the Jefferson Hotel. Lamache’s has regular dinner specials, and a surprisingly extens ٔ)ݥ͕ѥѡЁ́х́ձ)ɥѡѥɔȁ͕ѥ)չ䰁䁍ɽѥݥѠ)ѥ́́)ݽəհхѕȰݕɅ)ѥ%хٽɥѕ́ݥѠ)ɕ͠ѽѼͅՍ͕ٕ)иMѥݽձЁ)Ё䁥ԁٔѡ)ɽѥхѕȰ͕ͥ٥ͥ́ɔ)䀡׊eٔɽ䁉)ѥ䤸1é́ѱ)ɥȁѡЁѡɕхɅ́)ѽݸЁѡ͕٥)͔ѡѥѡȴ))=ѡȁ݅)ȸݸMɕ)͔ѡͽٕ́Ё)ͽ)ɅMѽɔѡ݅Ѽɥ)ѡЁQɅ)QɅ́ѡхѥЁѡ)MɕЁЀЁ)ѡɔɱ䁙ȁɔѽɥ̸(