Parker County Today August 2017 - Page 57

sealed bags, the new concession stand accommodates up to two-dozen workers during the busy nights and it is air-conditioned. But one thing that has never changed is the grill that’s used to cook the hamburgers, even though Duncan nearly ruined it. “Mac Martin taught mechanics at the high school, and he ran the stand in the daytime,” Duncan recalled. “One day after the rodeo I decided the grill sure was dirty. I had them take it apart and take it to his shop and sandblast it. Then, I found out that sandblasting it is the worst thing you can do. It puts pits in it. Oops! It took two to three years to smooth it out again.” The grill survived the cleaning and, over the years, has received a facelift in the way of a vent-a-hood. Prior to the airflow of the vent-a-hood, longtime club member Brookes Worthington said the grease would rise and accumulate on the edges of the cover and collect until it was several inches long, hanging down over the grill. “Fred Bankhead was always the cook during his days working in the stand,” Worthington said. “The grease, you never saw it drip, but you just knew that any minute it was going to drip. And Fred always had a cigarette with the ash curled over that you just knew it was going to fall on the grill into the hamburger meat. You knew if you waited long enough, you’d see all that stuff come down, but I never saw it happen. “It was a lot different back then than it is now. There were no restrictions. No requirements. We’ve advanced tremendously from what it was 35 years ago.” On the nights when Swancy’s dad took over the grill he came prepared with his special spatula, apron, and a paper cap. He’d start the evening off by throwing several pounds of onions onto the grill and letting the smell permeate out through the stand’s window to draw in the crowd. He was also the brains behind the club’s secret sauce. “In the ‘50s we’d take a spatula and run mustard over the buns and then pickles over it,” Swancy said. “Dad said it was a waste of time and mixed it all together. It sped up making the hamburgers.” These days the secret sauce varies from night to night depending on the cook, but one thing is for certain, order- ing up a “cheeseburger wet” never disappoints. “I can visualize dad there today flipping hamburgers and cooking them left and right,” Swancy said. “Friday night of the rodeo this year I ended up cooking hamburg- ers and a batch of sauce. I called mom and told her I got to step into dad’s shoes.” What was once a small operation by the club now requires the commitment of all club members along with many of their spouses and children across the span of 10 days. It is the height of the club’s year, and a true testa- ment to the “We Serve” motto of Lions. “The old-timers were just a different breed than what we are right now,” Worthington said. “The one thing I can say we have in common with them is that we all enjoy our time out there.” TEXAS BUTANE CO., INC. Morris & Judy V. (Kemp) White South Side Square • 103 W. Church • Weatherford, Texas 76086 Local Phone: 8 1 7 - 5 9 6 8 7 5 8 “LOCALLY OWNED & FAMILY OPERATED” We are proud to be the oldest continuously family owned propane company in the Area! 2 6 1 2 Metro Phone: 8 1 7 - 5 9 4 Propane Sales & Service Since 1958 55