Parker County Today August 2017 - Page 32

Herding goats in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains 30 it’s much more laid back than India, though I did like India; I’ve been there as well. It was very nice, but it is an intense country. Both Nepal and India are great for photography — just so much color, so much action. Every way you turn your head there’s a picture waiting for you; it’s just non-stop action for a photographer. “Another great country is Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. They just came out of a dictatorship a few years ago, and it was closed for such a long time. It preserved a lot of Southeast Asian culture, whereas Thailand and Laos and Vietnam have been more influenced by the outside world. As a photographer, it’s very exciting to see all that culture preserved.” Sánchez has also traveled throughout South America, excluding Brazil. “And most of those Andean countries, all the way from Columbia to Argentina and Chile, are very fascinating, especially the indig- enous cultures in Peru and Bolivia, the markets, and seeing people still maintaining their traditional dress and customs — it’s fascinating.” He’s tromped through Central America as well. “Costa Rica is great,” he said, “but a country that surprised me was Belize. I got to get away from where the cruise ships dock and the people were really, really nice. I’m so used to people, when they approach you, you expect them to ask for money. In Belize people approached me all the time, and they just asked me how I was enjoying the country. And that’s it. They just walked away and told me to enjoy my stay. Not that I blame people for asking for money, I mean, they’re desperate a lot of times, you know. You can’t really blame some of them for doing that, but in Belize everybody was really laid-back. I really appreciate that about Belize.” In January, Sánchez crossed the Atlantic to what 19th-century explor- ers called “the Dark Continent.” North Africa provided a diverse array of subject matter for the landscape- loving artist. He made the trip with friends and a professional photogra- pher out of Germany. “I met up with them and we did a road trip across the Atlas Mountains