Parker County Today August 2017 - Page 27

A bout nine out of 10 buyers and sellers work with a professional, while DIY sales remain at rock bottom. ing important when buying a home compared with other generations. One of the reasons millennials appreciate the advice of an agent is because in a number of cases (20 percent) these young homebuyers are moving straight from their parents’ home to a home of their own. Referrals, meanwhile, are still the way most buyers are finding their agent of choice. Referrals by friends, neighbors or relatives were higher among buyers 36 years and younger (52 percent, up from 46 percent last year) and ages 37 to 51 (39 percent) compared to older generations. About 86 percent of our customers are past clients. But if you look around, Parker They say some things never change, and in my 34 years in Parker County real estate, the FSBO is one of them. And despite the intertwined world we live in, made flat by the Internet’s ability to increasingly cut out intermediaries and facilitate direct connections, consumers’ desire to work with a real estate agent appears to be one of them. Acc