Parker County Today August 2017 - Page 14

Stephen and Shannon Midkiff with “Jenny” (formerly known as “Judy”) Continued from page 9 12 “I asked if we promised to pick her up on Thursday if they would hold her,” she said. “They said, ‘No.’”  Then one of her Facebook buddies contacted Haller on Midkiff’s behalf and she managed to get permission to give Judy something of a reprieve. “I knew that Shannon was seri- ous,” Haller said. “I got permission from the shelter manager to go ahead and run Midkiff’s credit card. We don’t normally do that. They let Judy stay another night as long as she was already adopted.” Haller got Judy out of the shelter, gave her a bath and pretty much babysat her throughout the day. “It was very stressful for Judy. Once we would get her outside, she was great. When I got her out that Thursday and I gave her a bath, Judy just knew something was up. She was so happy. I hadn’t seen her happy that way for months. I took Judy out to the Parker County Airport and waited for them to land.” When Haller arrived with Judy at the airport, Judy had something of an entourage to see her meet her new family. Waiting for her included Bob Smith — a faithful volunteer with the Azle Animal Shelter, volunteers with the Weatherford/ Parker County Animal Shelter — and members of the Parker County Today staff.  As the plane made its approach, Judy’s ears perked up, she began to whine softly and her tail wagged at a feverish pace.  “I started to tear up,” Haller said. “She was so happy. It was as if she knew that, after so many months in the shelter, that she was finally going home. Seeing that plane land was very emotional for me. She connect- ed with Shannon and Steve immedi- ately.” Midkiff renamed Judy. She now answers to the name Jenny. “Because Forest Gump is my favorite movie,” she said. “She’s going back and forth between playing with a toy we got for her from the pet store and eating. She’s just enjoying life.” One of the first things the Midkiffs got for Jenny was a kiddie pool, just like the one she was playing in on the video clip when they saw her and fell in love with her. She loves it. Midkiff sent a new video clips of Jenny playing in her pool and romp- ing in her new backyard with Steve. Looks like, with some help from a few animal-loving volunteers, the little brindle dog has finally caught a break after all.