Parker County Today August 2016 - Page 76

AUGUST 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY “From the time I first started driving I was a regular customer of Don’s,” said Marsha Brown. “My dad wanted me to buy fuel from him because he was a nice, honest guy and he would look after me and my car. He’d check the tires and the oil and clean the windows. That was important stuff back in the day when few people had cell phones. You didn’t want to get stranded on a deserted backroad with a brokendown car. From then on, I went out of my way to buy fuel from Don. It always made me feel safer.” That all ended June 23, 2016, when Don Chevron was transformed back into Don Carney, when the true Parker County institution of Don’s Chevron closed its door for the last time. It was the end of an era for Weatherford. Don’s Chevron was an institution that served the city for over 40 years, and through those years its proprietor saw it all. Don has seen the good, the bad and the ugly, as well as the peculiar. He’s been in Weatherford so long he can remem- 74 Register Today for Fall 2016! Classes begin August 24. | 817-594-5471