Parker County Today August 2016 - Page 67

• General Healthcare • Emergency and Critical Care • Advanced and Routine Surgery • Complete In-House Laboratory • Advanced Dental Procedures • Laser Therapy • Ultrasound • Endoscopy Doctor and staff on premise 24 hours daily for Emergencies and Critical Care. Appointments available Mon.-Fri. 8:30am-6pm; Sat. 8:30am-4pm Dr. Randy Langerhans Dr. Larry Putnam | Dr. Jennifer Parsley | Dr. Jaime Doherty | Dr. Crystal Terry Dr. Matthew Noland - General and Advanced Dentistry 3713 Fort Worth Hwy., Hudson Oaks, TX 76087 817-341-3331 | Our Food, Your Home! Call 817-599-3907 For All Your Catering Needs Open: 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. Daily | 1921 S. Main St. | Weatherford, TX | 817.599.4229 AUGUST 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY percent of my work,” he explained. “I just take my knife and start cutting. I don’t draw anything out or lay out a pattern or anything like that… . Honestly, I don’t know anyone else that does it [that way]. Because once you start cutting on a piece of leather it’s done — that mark is there. It’s something I’ve practiced over the years, w anting to be able to pick up my knife and start getting after it and everything be symmetrical and everything look right.” Much of Still’s work could be considered Native American/Western primitive, though some pieces display more intricate detail. Recurring motifs include prickly pear cacti and tepees, mesas and feathers. You’ll also find birds, coyotes, buffaloes and horned bovine skulls, a peace pipe here and there. And of course there are the more traditional western floral designs so fundamental in American leatherwork. According to Still he doesn’t worry about marketing his work. “I’ve been pretty fortunate,” he said. “I was in the music business for several years and I happen to know and befriended a lot of musicians, and through that I’ve kind of just gained a following. People come to me, anymore. I don’t really showcase it. I have Instagram, basically, and Facebook, and that’s about it. For the most part I stay busy with people calling me and ordering stuff. Today alone I’ve had four orders and five inquiries.” Such was not always the case: 2013-14 he partnered in a Fort Worth Stockyards business called Bad Bronco Studio and Art Gallery. It was a one-off storefront where his partner created custom silver pieces and he carved custom leatherwork. The bottom line is not hard to find with Garren Still. He’s plain-spoken and up front about who he is and isn’t. He has no use for a nine to five corral, choosing rather an unencumbered life informed by an earthy philosophy rising from his roots. “More or less I’m just a ‘good ol’ boy,’ you know, who enjoys making stuff that other people enjoy having. Labels aren’t really that important to me, I guess. Hopefully my craft will speak for itself.” 65