Parker County Today August 2016 - Page 59

she laid down she wouldn’t get back up without incentive.”  Despite her weakened state, Hootie refused to give up on her. Horses are herd animals, so his instinct should have been to stay with the herd, but he would not leave without Fancy. “He would come to the back of the barn and just hang his head over and wait until she was gone or when she came out … . Even if the herd went out he wouldn’t leave her. He would stay.” Rain or shine Hootie would stand outside of the barn waiting for his friend. They had a “closer attachment than I’ve ever seen with any of the other horses,” Teresa said.  Eight months into Fancy’s retirement, the Stars and Strides team made the difficult decision to put her down. Teresa and the team were afraid that one day Fancy would no longer be able to get up. They didn’t want to take the chance of her laying out in the pasture in pain with no one to help her. “When we took her, he [Hootie] was very upset. He just ran up and down the fence line, and when we brought the trailer back he went on looking for her.” He, just like the Stars and Strides team, understood she was getting weaker. Hootie was afraid that if Fancy got in the trailer he might never get to see his best friend again. A few days later “we brought another horse in a trailer and he just ran up carrying on looking for her, thinking we had brought her back,” Teresa said. He continued like this for several more days, constantly looking for and awaiting the return of his friend Fancy.  “Hootie took Fancy’s death really hard,” a member of the Stars and Strides team said. He is broken up about the loss of his friend but is starting to understand that she is never coming back. To ease his sorrow, the Stars and Strides team has placed him in Fancy’s stall to comfort him with the old scent of Fancy. Eventually he will understand that she is gone, but for now he will continue to mope around in mourning for his friend. Hootie and Fancy’s infrangible friendship was able to last even after Fancy had died. Hootie refused to give up the hope that his friend would come back to him someday. Courtney riding Fancy Dr. Sweatt • Dr. McLeod • Dr. Hutchins 8283 FM 920 • Weatherford, Texas • 817-458-3355 AUGUST 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY EQUINE • LIVESTOCK CANINE • FELINE 57