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our expertise: SKIN CARE Skin Skin Deep Deep The Psychology Of The Day Spa A ing true solace and serenity from the regular life outside. One can choose to quietly drift away, sleep, or discuss any topic in the privacy of this unique client-staff relationship. There is nothing quite like the touching all during the many applications of highly specialized medicinal/cosmetic products. The mild mini-massage type feelings with a one-on-one practitioner doting and hovering above as each step is done to see that all is remedied just for the client do represent a unique event in most lives. It is basic psychology of this very special moment that speaks to true escape and the nearest thing to surrealistic, marv elous, tantalizing ultimate relaxation attainable almost anywhere. To throw in a newer, almost magical, health aspect of an oxygen infusion also adds a lot to the spectrum of marvelous applications at the spa. If one drifts with the flow, it is blissful nirvana. It is a time when problems and issues are whisked away by the most astonishing feelings that can be had! The spa experience does not have to be expensive and many such self-employed professionals offer introduction protocols with less time initially and with less cost. There are many access points to explore and enjoy with any number of service-providers to choose among. Some treatments will appeal more to different people amid the range of enhancement techniques to choose among. The point is to “get your feet wet” by that first decision to grab the exposure to something that can immediately refresh and refurbish your own inner-being beyond the beauty and care aspects alone. Most emerge from their chosen session energized and ready to tackle their world via improved empowerment within their now more pleasant countenance and spirit. I recommend all to take the plunge or continue with their regular personal rewards spa process and enjoy, grow and embellish one’s character and pride in living the good life, if even for a temporary respite from the grind. Such pleasantries can become addictive...and worth it. The spa experience! There are few things quite as psychologically satisfying as a mind-calming healthy sense of great WELL BEING! See you at a spa near you. Diana takes extreme pride in being among the most professional estheticians in the Metroplex area and focuses upon all the full range of what makes the visit a superb form of both beauty and psychological bolstering one can access. Her practice is located in the Spas of Volterra West, on Team Ranch Rd. and Loop 820 in far West Fort Worth. Or call for information or scheduling to see and talk more — 817.915.5025. BE READY for a true marvelous experience. AUGUST 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY s I pondered the idea of another article in my series on skin care and the various applications available to help protect, preserve and gently age the body’s largest organ, a unique perspective came to mind. This involves the actual full scope of a visit to a spa. For many, the phrase “spa visit” conjures up visions of maximum skin care and beauty protocols. To some, the phrase still conjures visions of a highly pampered woman of wealth or celebrity, being regularly spoiled by a gaggle of beauty professionals catering to her every whim. Still others see a spa treatment as a rare commodity to enjoy or gift to others. Certainly, for those who do treat themselves to regular visits, it’s a personal time to refresh, a fantastic gift to oneself. One of my clients has said more than once that a spa visit costs less than a session with a psychoanalyst, is a lot more fun and helps her de-stress in much the same way. As I visit with and listen to my clients during sessions, I begin to realize there is yet another entire dimension we must not ever fail to note. I shall refer to it as the simple psychology of the spa experience. This crucial aspect involves the range of emotions and activities from prepping ahead, scheduling, excited anticipation and then the actual in-session amazing rewards. There are so many subtleties that are absolutely relished by those who know the routine. The quiet serene spa room, the care and welcoming of the professional spa person, the getting ready and discussing the choice of special care and treatments to consider, and the overall expectations in this most personal form of relaxation and beauty or skin enhancements are part of the target buildup. During any session a unique form of allowing oneself to truly escape momentarily into another realm is pretty common. Professional advice and simple fun conversation is all part of the experience as well. Part of this psychology of a spa routine is the calming effect, the general well-being and the cognitive refurbishing all leaving the relaxed participant with more perspective of their own beauty, self-confidence, empowerment and overall functionality. The choice of what is to be done or what needs attention or just to create that perfect time of stress relief, utter relaxation, and the neat feeling one knows as the new emerging energized person — one who knew just how to treat herself to pampering in the best manner. It is a time of special soft soothing music to take one far away. It is a place of perfect subdued lighting and décor to establish your own temporary private domain beyond those locked doors that maintain a barrier between the special attentions in that moment and the hectic, worried outside world. It is a time of seek- BY DIANA DOWDEN Licensed Professional Esthetician 47