Parker County Today August 2016 - Page 34

David S. Irvin’s Positively Parker County The Clark Family of Clark Gardens (L-R, standing) Groom Kyle Birdwell and Bride Ashley Brown-Birdwell, John Antonelli, Slick Robison, Lindsey Robison, Deborah Clark, her husband, Emry Birdwell, Carol Clark-Montgomery, Dr. Mark Montgomery, Craig DiBiase and Travis Montgomery. (Front Row) Kade Birdwell, Everette Antonelli, Elia Jo Antonelli and Kendall Antonelli and Max Clark, Molly Montgomery, Audrey Montgomery. AUGUST 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY T he gardens were established by Max and Billie Clark as a setting for the 1973 wedding of their eldest daughter Deborah. In 1999, Max and Billie established the Max and Billie Clark Foundation and donated 143 acres, including the gardens, to this new non-profit organization. Now the gardens are a working model of beautiful, yet sustainable, landscapes. The native Texas and Texas adaptable plants the park exhibits are low maintenance and many are drought-tolerant. On April 22, 2000, Clark Gardens opened its gates to the public and has been declared one of the 32 Continued on page 52 About Irvin David S. Irvin, The Portrait Photographers, is a nationally recognized photographer. Irvin has photographed six presidents and a variety of celebrities, including Garth Brooks and Nolan Ryan. He has also been recognized by Kodak as one of the top 25 photographers in the United States. Irvin photographs notable families in the Fort Worth area who have ties to area businesses. To see additional photos by David S. Irvin, visit