Parker County Today August 2016 - Page 30

AUGUST 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY Company with a dream to build tiny houses. “What I want to do is build five to 10 houses,” Sam explained. “Or even do workshops where I teach people how to build a tiny house themselves. I’d like to have my own shop where I can show people how to do it step by step.”  Lynsi plans on helping her husband, but she also would like to do something to help the community. “I’d like to talk to the city manager about some land,” Lynsi said. “And maybe get the OK to build a tinyhouse community for college kids or single moms.” The house they built is 20 feet long and built on top of a trailer they purchased. They built the sub-floor on top of the trailer and then the frame over that. The house, though mobile, cannot be removed from the trailer. “We built it to where you can either hard-wire directly into it like a normal house or plug it in directly like you would do an RV; so it has an exterior RV plug,” Sam said. “Plumbing is the same way, either into the ground or hooked up.” It even has a real toilet. “Most other tiny houses are going to have compost toilets, but not ours,” Lynsi said. “I wanted a regular toilet.”  The house is 13 feet tall with 174 square feet of space with a 60-square-foot loft. “I just dreamed it up. I wanted the house to be kind of rustic and use all of the space possible with light colors, simple and plain but still beautiful,” Sam said. The outside is built to last of metal and cedar. “We wanted to make sure it lasted for a long time,” Sam said. “We built it to the minimum bridge height. That way we knew we could travel without an escort.”  Tiny house builders always face the challenge of space. “Our biggest challenge is storage, and on this project that was the staircase,” Lynsi said. “Because we didn’t want to just have a ladder that led to the loft.” So they made everything themselves.  Even their kids are on board with the tiny houses. “They think it’s great,” Sam said. “I tried talking our daughter into staying in one and living with us forever but she won’t do it.” She did ask her dad if he would build one for college when 28 Kitchen and living area she goes. “And our son wants his own to live in the backyard and stay with us forever,” Lynsi said with a laugh. “They are so opposite. One wants to leave and one wants to stay.” The Underwoods are preparing to attend the Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs, CO, August 5th through the 7th. The jamboree takes 27 builders nationwide and Small Dwelling Company was one of the groups accepted to participate. “We’re going to wait until we get back from Colorado to start on another one. We want to see what the Jamboree brings,” Sam said. “Getting involved with all those people helps your company and gets you connections. HGTV Tiny House Hunters contacted us. Based on what we’ve heard and what other people who have houses the size of ours are going for, we’re going to try selling our tiny house for about $50,000.”  Once their kids move out, the Underwoods plan to live in their own tiny house and travel. “We’ll be moving out of the school district so we have about six years before the kids will be out of the house,” they said.  Parker County Today called around and asked a couple of realtors what they thought about having a tiny house community in Parker Co unty.  “I think it’s incredible and inventive,” Brooke Ladouceur of Worthington Realty & Investments