Parker County Today August 2016 - Page 12

mammograms. She said, ‘Your name came up.’ My name came up because I’m on the (Parker County) Health Foundation board. She said she’d found a lump on her breast about a year ago. She said, ‘I had no idea that anyone would help me pay for a mammogram so I didn’t get one. I was too busy taking care of my family.’” That friend lost her battle with cancer and isn’t here with us anymore. Zan said, “Now, I rock her grandbaby and I tell him about his awesome grandmother, but it’s not the same as having that grandmother here for her grandbaby.” That’s one reason why Zan enthusiastically embraces Careity Foundation and the Parker County Health Foundation. Battling cancer is something she is deeply passionate about. Careity Foundation provides early cancer detection in Parker County and across North Texas, providing mammograms and other services. Careity also provides on-site services for cancer patients in an oncology setting for economically-challenged cancer patients. The pediatric palliative care program is directed at providing relief country. She is driven by an incredible commitment to those in need, the fruit of which is an astounding depth and breadth of service to others. She places the needs of others above her own. Her courage and spiritual strength are to be applauded. She exercises her love and commitment across a broad range of concerns and organizations and Careity cancer patients in Parker County are blessed to have her love and support. Other organizations she supports are Freedom House and Parker County Committee on Aging. How did she choose those organizations? “I support those organizations and individuals that are good community partners,” she said. “Those who work to make Parker County the best place in the world to live, those that truly help people.” Parker County is noted for its generosity and caring spirit. “That’s one of the first things I noticed about this community when I moved to Parker County in the ‘80s,” said Parker County Judge Mark Riley. “There’s a lot of people who quietly give and help others when they’re in need. The community leaders are overwhelmingly gener- “Those who work to make Parker County the best place in the world to live, those that truly help people.” AUGUST 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY – Zan Prince to children with devastating diseases and life-threatening illnesses at Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth. Recently, Careity added a Men’s Initiative. “Zan Prince serves Parker County in many capacities,” said Lyn Walsh, president of Careity Foundation. “She received the Mary Branch Humanitarian award from Careity Foundation in 2012 because she is driven by her love for the people of her community and her 10 ous about supporting charities that help people. That’s what makes Parker County great.” While most people give a little to a lot of charities and causes, most have their favorite causes. Some others who are among those “quiet givers” talk about their favorite charities and causes and why they are so passionate about them.