Parker County Today August 2016 - Page 10

AUGUST 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY 8 Jan Barton, her friend of many years, had lost a long, hard battle with Leukemia. In the course of Jan’s battle, she’d asked Zan to promise that she would take her home to Chicago and make sure that she could be laid to rest next to her mother. Zan promised and, of course, she made good on her word. It wasn’t a good time for Zan to leave her businesses, her family, and her party (in case you’ve been marooned on a desert island for the last few years, Zan is the chairman of the Parker County Republican Party and there’s a big election coming up in November.) But death rarely waits for a convenient time to strike. Like the Lonesome Dove hero Woodrow Call, Zan Prince made the trek to Chicago. She’s one of those rare people who will always do exactly what she says she will. Understanding the heart behind Zan’s most recent journey to Chicago helps when trying to gain insight into the approach she takes in “paying it forward.” Zan is all about giving. Still it’s hard for her to pinpoint one favorite charity. The Parker County Health Foundation, Careity Foundation, Center of Hope and the Parker County Committee on Aging are all at the top of her list. Not all of her generosity is filtered through an organized charity. “If I see someone who is hungry, I’m going to feed them,” Zan said. “I got a call from a friend of mine who was googling