Parker County Today April 2018 - Page 91

The Synowskys were in for one more surprise.  “Come to find out, Sprinkles kept getting fatter and fatter.” Kendra said. “I kept thinking that she looked preg- nant, but with as small as they are, I can’t ‘preg check’ them the way I do larger mares, so I kept checking her and over time I was eventually able to see a pregnancy,” James said. The Synowskys were getting “three for the price of one.” Sprinkles had her baby in August, and it is adorably named Sparkles.   “We thought it would be a goofy idea to do a gender reveal for our new little foal that we just had, and everyone thought it was great,” Kendra said. James and Kendra even fooled a few people on Facebook, and had a few thinking they were revealing Kendra’s pregnancy. “Just a little baby horse.” James laughed.  The Synowskys plan on rescuing more mini horses. “I’d like a whole herd of minis!” Kendra exclaimed. Kendra loves the play on words about her husband having mares, being the mayor — “The Mayor’s Mares.” Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter Giving Second Chances Campaign $1.65 Million Goal to improve The WPCAS facilityand their life saving efforts. (All donations are tax deductable) Donate online at: 403 Hickory Lane | Weatherford, TX | 76086 | 817-598-4111 89