Parker County Today April 2018 - Page 90

our pets: MINIATURE HORSES Sprinkles, Pineapple and Sparkles — The Mayor’s Mares By ETHAN EVANS J ames and Kendra Synowsky instantly became assets to Parker County, to both animals and people alike, when they decided to call it home about six years ago. The Synowskys have been married for a little over three and a half years and have made their mark helping the commu- nity. James is a veterinarian, equine reproduction special- ist, and owner of Champion Embryo Transfer Service, all while serving as Mayor of Dennis. His wife, Kendra, is a licensed professional counselor in Weatherford. Whether it be the two-legged in need of a listening ear, or the four- legged in need of a good home, this couple provides.  88 “Since James has all this land because of his business, we had talked about rescuing some horses just to have as lawn ornaments,” Kendra said. At any given time, the Synowskys will have over 200 horses on site. “That’s a combination of horses that people brought to me for breeding, and the majority are my ‘recips’ that I do embryo transfer with,” James said.  So the couple thought a few more wouldn’t hurt. “We wanted a mini horse, and I wanted one with a brown body with blonde mane and tail,” Kendra giggled as she said that was her aesthetic.  The couple reached out to their good friend Jenni Day, avid animal rescuer, and Parker County Pets Alive member. Day was immediately on the case! “It wasn’t a few days later that she said she had found a mini horse that matched our description, with one caveat,” Kendra continued. The mini horse had a sister. The Synowskys didn’t hesitate to take both. “That’s how we ended up with Sprinkles and Pineapple,” Kendra added.