Parker County Today April 2018 - Page 88

Betty Naal Continued from page 83 PCT: If you had to do another job other than the one you’re doing, what would you do?  RM: NBA player. One who was a perpetual 29 years old … and on a team with Dirk Nowitzki. PCT: What is your impact on Parker County? RM: The best part of being a teacher is being able to see kids grow up into productive adults who are rais- ing their own children up to be good people. It is rewarding to have been a small part of that. PCT: What is your definition of the best day every?  RM: Realizing that today is the only day I have got … living that day with the feeling that nothing gets better than today. PCT: What’s the best piece of advice you would give? RM: Get answers to these three ques- tions: How did man get here? What does man do with his/her time on earth? What happens when I die? Find a truth to answer these questions and live your life around it. For me, that is my faith in my Savior, Jesus Christ. There is more to life than my days on earth.   PCT: What is the coolest thing you have ever done in your life?  RM: Win the 2016 Girls Basketball State Championship at Lipan High School. #LadyIndiansForever #ImSorryNazarethItsOurTurn Justin Collins Justin is a Partner and Re F BDU$&VG`5CrFBRvWBFW 67WF*32v2fVBFVW"@v2&6VB'&VW7FFP'&W"FBv27W7FW"R6V@bvVB&RFW&W7FVB&VW7FFP&W'GvVVBvBƖ6V6V@BB'2Bv2FRVrЦW7BvVB26W&6'&W"Ф&WGG2&WF&VB6W'@6&FF"6VG6W'B@rV&W" vRFBVBFFW"'GVFW26VFrvrF&VR67WRЦVB626FRbw2Bv&Цrf"f&W26gGv&R6W2ऒWfVGVǒvB&6F&VW7FFP# *5CvBFRFFFV6&W733ƖR&FrB7VFrFPvFW"'6W2BFr5CvB26WFrVRF( @r&WBS3WBג'FW"FW'&7FW2vR6f6rFRV&fW"6ƗfVBW7F@FRFR'WBvVv2VvW"ƗfVB62vV2FW"&V0bFR6VG'5CbR6VBfRV6vFRVFW"Ɨfr"FVBg&Ц7F'vvVBB&S3( B7W&R( fR&VBB&W@7BVRvVBvBFVWBB( g&Bb&VǒWBFV@vVB'VFRvR5CbRBFFFW" FvB^( &RFrvBvV@RF*3( BvBF&RRbF6RwW0ƖRG&WrW&BG&fV&VB&VrfB7&F25CvB2W"7BF&W 6VG*3( BfRF&R&RFV&W 6VGFFR6FvfVVB2rBFBWfW'RfW2vRB6FVW2Fw&r*5CvN( 2FR&W7BV6RbGf6PRvVBvfS3R7W&RR6" 6&VW"FBRV5CrFBRvWBFW 67WF$7F'FVBv&r2FWWG6W&FR6VG6W&( 2ff6RFRV&ǒs( 2F2Fg&VB`g&VBgFW"V'2FB6ЧFvVBFv&2Vv6V7&RЧF'f"FRrf&bvfVFW"@vBgFW"6WfW&V'2vFFVvVBFv&2Vv6V7&WF'f W'2BW'2rf&&VW'0&f"VV7FFFR6VG6W'@BrV&W""BvfRRFP&fVvRbv&rf"206W'B6&FF"5CvB2W"ff&FRfV$vRvFFRv@3vBFRFFFV6&W73$v&FVrG&fV7&6WBGFr&VgW&&6rgW&GW&R&&@vF6rג&6&B5CvB26WFrVRF( @r&WBS$&VǒfW'6B66P&WF&rBfR&V6R6'Bb&V6W6R5CbR6VBfRV6vFRƗfr"FVB7F'vvVBB&S*$Vf2&W6WW7B&V6W6R5CbRBFFFW 6FVVBvR