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our professionals: HOME ENHANCEMENT HEROES Brumbaugh’s Fine Home Furnishings Pioneers at Beautifully Providing Stylish Comfort For PC Homes for 52 years N eed to update your home this spring? Brumbaugh’s provides the look and feel of the Old West to astute homeowners throughout the world. From vintage-western to Tuscan-chic, Brumbaugh’s offers over 50,000 square feet of elegant, ranch, fine- home furnishings you just won’t find anywhere else. Larry and Sally Brumbaugh have been icons in the world of elegant ranch furnishing for quite sometime now. There is something to be said for longevity. In Brumbaugh’s case, they’ve have been around for 52 years and take pride in customer rela- tions. Larry Brumbaugh founded Brumbaugh’s Fine Home Furnishings in 1966 and the first store-front was located in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. The company continued to grow and in 2001, moved to their current location in far eastern Parker County. The store is now 50,000 square feet and contains one of the largest inventories of furniture, carpet and hand-knotted rugs in Texas! Burmbaugh’s recently intro- duced the newest addition to the Brumbaugh’s family, The Elizabeth Collection. Drawing from her many years of experience, Elizabeth Brumbaugh invites you to browse her beautiful new collection. Each piece has been carefully curated with the intent to impress. See how her collection adds a modern twist to the company’s tradi- tional western chic style. Brumbaugh’s has delivery capa- bilities that service the United States and quite a few international demands. Air-Tite Foam Insulation, LLC Helping Lower Bills For Parker County Families S “We do commercial work, mostly. But we also reinsulate older homes,” said Easley. “The product is water-based and has the consistency of shaving cream. Within 72 hours it becomes solid, but doesn’t expand inside the walls and it remains soft,” she continued. When you call Air-Tite Foam they come to your home and evaluate your current insulation. “We come out and measure, look at the house, evaluate it. We measure and give you a price,” she said. The best reason to add foam insulation to an existing home is to lower the cost of your utility bills. “Obviously, if you have insulation, you will see a significant savings on your utility bill. It keeps your air conditioning and heating systems from running constantly,” she said. Jodi Easley See more Airtite Foam Insulation on page70 ince 2000, Air-Tite Foam Insulation has been a family- owned company in Parker County, helping commercial customers lower their energy bills by using the company’s services. The business has now started helping homeowners too by applying the insulation product to older homes which are without sufficient insulation in the walls, without any insulation at all, or with insulation that has failed because of advanced age. Jodi Easley is the owner of Air-Tite Foam Insulation, which serves a multi-county area including Parker, Tarrant, Wise and Dallas counties. She got into the business 18 years ago and was so successful she was abl Ѽȁ͉ݡ݅)ͽɅ́ݕ́ȁͽ)ȁ՝ѕȰݡɔݽɬ)ձѥMЁ́ձ䁄)̸ͥ(