Parker County Today April 2018 - Page 6

A Letter From The Editor Tired of ‘Angry Young Men’ (Not Too Thrilled With ‘Angry Young Women’ Either) I t was the first lovely, sunny day. I had my sunroof open, my satellite radio played “Soak Up the Sun.” I sang along, woefully out of tune, but who cared? Right?  Life was good.  I was turning on to Santa Fe Drive from East Lee Street. Two young women on bicycles had zoomed past me on Lee Street, with their hair flying, already showing off their spectacular tans (where did they get those tans?) and they stopped at the crosswalk at the intersection. So did I. I looked both ways. The cross walk signal was red. The traffic light turned green, the cross walk signal stayed red and I started to turn, but to be on the safe side, I looked to my right one last time, just in time to see one of the girls slam into the side of my car. Both girls screamed obscenities and took off flashing the proverbial “California Hello” at me as they peddled their rude selves away — probably they were looking to create a nuisance elsewhere. I wondered why they were so angry? What could possibly be that wrong? I was driving to do some work. They were clearly out having fun in the sun.  I suppose that they were ticked off because I took the lights seriously while the two of them took their turn out of turn. Really? A few months ago, I went to Walmart to pick up some roses to take to a Super Bowl party to give to my hostess. As I approached the check- out stand, two women in Mu-Mus on electric wheel chairs put the pedal to the metal in an effort to get in front of me in line. One succeeded while the other rammed into me. It was a painful encounter. Then the woman that had rammed into me spewed obscenities at me. Then they both laughed.  They weren’t young at all. But they were angry and nasty. My husband told me that it served me right for taking roses to a Super Bowl Party. “… like it was the Rose Bowl, or something.” Very funny, Honey. But back to the subject of the angry scooter drivers. … Soooo Angry. Why?  Angry ‘bout Biopic Everyone loves a good biopic, right?  Plans were in the works a few years ago for one about  Taylor Swift in talks to Play Joni Mitchell. Sounds great? I thought it did. So did lots of other people — except for Joni Mitchell. In April 2012, it was reported by Rolling Stone Magazine that Taylor Swift was in talks to portray folk legend and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Joni Mitchell in the big-screen adaptation of Girls Like Us, a book that focuses on the impact of Mitchell, Carole King and Carly Simon. As recently as October 2012, Swift admitted that she was still eager to play Mitchell, but the role hadn't been confirmed yet. Five years later, we finally know why the film wasn’t officially greenlighted. Ms. Mitchell stopped the biopic from happening.  “I sque