Parker County Today April 2018 - Page 48

Continued from page 35 business novels. Two of my favor- ite are Good to Great and Built to Last also by Jim Collins. I also wrote Partnership Principles: A Story of Life Lessons and Working Together. PCT: What do you do to decompress? RD: I recently bought a small ranch with all raw land and I’ve found that going out and working and sweating and then seeing the progress made and envisioning what I’m going to do next is a huge decompression for me. I love spending time with my horses and Bulldogs … they are great listeners or they don’t care if I just say nothing. Corporate America will eat you alive if you let it. It’s only taken me 64 years to learn this. PCT: What is something people don’t know about you? RD: People don’t know and would have no idea considering what I have done in my career for so many years that I’m a borderline introvert. I am constantly with people face to face, social media, video, chat groups, email … if there is a platform I’m on it. PCT: What would you most like to be remembered for? RD: I would like to be remembered simply as a man with integrity, compassion and that empowered people to be the best they can. I love to see people be successful. My path to success is helping enough others have success. neurs. To work with them, set up a course, teach, coach, advise. This would be a qualified select group that has the heart to stick through the bad times. I work with a lot of young folks today and most want to be the president of the company in four weeks and don’t understand why they can’t. I would like to take that challenge on. PCT: If you could have lunch with any one, either living or dead from history, who would it be?  RD: If I could have lunch with anyone in the world it would have to be my mother. We just lost my mother a few weeks ago and I’m not adjusted yet and probably won’t ever be. PCT: What is your impact to Parker County? RD: I have been a member of the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse for over five years now and I have tremen- dously enjoyed the people I’ve gotten to meet, ride with, do parades and grand entries, help put on our own rodeos each year. I love the heritage and the men that respectfully are and were a part of that heritage. PCT: If you had to do another job than what you’re doing, what would you do?  RD: I’ve thought about this not long ago and I would like to be able to mentor young people to be entrepre- PCT: What is your definition of the best day ever?  RD: Being at home on our new ranch with my wife, horses and bulldogs, going for rides, cruising around in my four wheelers … basically anything Serving Parker County for over 60 years 46 Our goal is to serve every family as if they are a part of our own. Photo by Megan Parks Norma Plowman | Misty Plowman-Engel | James R. Plowman 913 N. Elm St., Weatherford, TX 76086 | 817-594-2747 | 800-593-2747 | New Location Opening Soon: 4941 E. I-20 North | Willow Park, TX 76087