Parker County Today April 2018 - Page 35

PCT: How did you get into your occupation? MP: At Paschal High School in Fort Worth, Mr. Bennet (the government teacher) took his class to the Criminal Courts building where we watched a proceeding. After watching a bit of this, I turned to a friend and remarked that we could do what they were doing right now. We both ended up going to law school and I wanted to come home to the Metroplex.  After practicing civil litigation, I had an opportunity to come to the District Attorneys Office. Our foods are designed to create complete satisfaction for our guest. Come visit us for a truly teppanyaki experience with culinary entertainment, delicious food and fun!! PCT: What is your favorite novel? MP: Michener’s Hawaii is a great story. PCT: What do you do to decompress? MP: I am a serial hobbyist. I am not sure why, but I think it is because I enjoy the process of learning. I roast my own coffee, we have a pottery and glass studio, I weld, woodwork, play a little guitar and ukulele, tie my own flies for fly fishing, kayak, and depending on the time of year, fish at Lake Weatherford.  The weekly routine is heading to the gym. 114 College Park Dr • Weatherford, Tx • 76086 (Next to BIGLOTS) • 817-598-5955 PCT: What is something people don’t know about you? MP: I have a gold record.  Don’t get too excited, it was an award presented by the Recording Industry Association of America for prosecut- ing offense involving the theft of intellectual property (music). I devel- oped the language used in indict- ments and regularly prosecute those cases and help other jurisdictions with them. • Complete In-House Laboratory • Advanced Dental Procedures • Laser Therapy • Ultrasound • Endoscopy Doctor and staff on premise 24 hours daily for Emergencies and Critical Care. Appointments available Mon.-Fri. 8:30am-6pm; Sat. 8:30am-4pm Dr. Randy Langerhans Dr. Jennifer Parsley | Dr. Pieter Steenkamp | Dr. Jeri Nokes | Dr. Sallye Gregg Dr. Matthew Noland - General and Advanced Dentistry 3713 Fort Worth Hwy., Hudson Oaks, TX 76087 817-341-3331 | PCT: If you could have lunch with any one, either living or dead from history, who would it be? MP: Jesus Christ of course. It would • General Healthcare • Emergency and Critical Care • Advanced and Routine Surgery PCT: What would you most like to be remembered for? MP: I would like to be remembered for being a good family man, who was fortunate enough to have a profession that allowed him to make our society a better and safer place and that through my efforts, the evil were punished for their deeds and the innocent protected. 33