Parker County Today April 2018 - Page 100

our opinions: ADVICE FROM AN EXPERT In The Comfort Zone Spring Maintenance Items to Take Care of Right Now Brett Hobson By BRETT HOBSON CEO Comfort Experts I t’s spring in North Texas and one of my favorite times of year. It’s not too cold, and it’s not too hot. It’s a great time to get outside and start looking at your house to see how it weathered the winter. Although spring cleaning is on many people’s minds, my mind goes more to maintenance items that, if left untended, can cost big bucks in the future. I’ve put together 10 things you should look at now before the summer comes bearing down on us and it’s too hot to do any of them. Roof – It’s the top of your home and you can generally see any problem using binoculars and your own eyes without having to get up on a ladder. Look for missing or cracked shingles. If your shingles have shifted, you may have to have new fasten- ers installed. Also, look for places where limbs are touching the house. You will want to have those trimmed back. Also have debris in the valleys and gutters of your roof removed. 98 Leaks – Leaky faucets, toilets, clogged drains and pipes that remain wet are all water wasters in your home. Tighten around pipes, dishwashers and disposals, especially where you see water stains. Replace washers []X][\Z\[]][۝[[\K[و\H[[H^H[ۙ^Hۈ[\[۝H]\[ Z\ۙ][ۚ[8$\\HܙX][YH]H[\Z\Xۙ][ۚ[\[H\XYYܙHH[\\]\H]š[H\[Y\[]\KH[ \[[\[H[]H[H[ۙ^HX]\H]\[[]]XZYXY[K[B[[H[[Z\[\Y[\K\[\[™܈XZ[XZ[\HZ[[\HY H][Yو[HYX\܈Z\ۙ][ۚ[[]XZ[]\[HYHYHY\Z[ˈ[[H۸&]ۛ]Z\ۙ][ۚ[[]\H[ܝ^\[XHݙ\[ۜو]\\^K^\[܈[8$H[Y\H][H[\\H[YHوYX\܈[XYK]\[\YB\XX[H܈Y[ˈ܈]\Z[][X]H]\[XYH܈[Y\]X]H]\ˈ] ܈\ZH\[\[\Z]\Y\[][ BX\ˈ܈[[\H]Z\[ZXH܈]ZYHXH[\H\[HX\[H[YHY\B\] ]X8$܈Yۜ][[X[܈[X[H[\[[\]Xˈ^KZ]܈\\HYYY \\[B[YH܈[ \[[][ۋ[[]\܈XZ[[[][ۈ[[Y\[H[B][[[[\]X\]]\Y\[[[\]X˜[[XYH[\\[[]\H[XX[\\˂[[^p8$X\ۜH[[^\YYYHY][Y\˜X܈ܘXZ\[X܈[XYHH[˰\\[Hو\H][\[[]\[[\YK^\[܈X[[8$\\H\[X Y][X܈ܘ\[[H[H\Z\\\X[܂\X[[]\YYY܈\H\X\ˈ[\H[YB]\H؜ۙHYܙH]\]\\\[B[YHX[[[ܙY[[][H[\K[][۰8$\[HH\HۙHX]\H][H^[B]HY]YY\Z\ܘX[H[\[܈[[HH[\ BHو[][ۈ\Y\ˈ][H[YH\HHٙ\[ۘ[Y[HYHܘX[[\[][ۈ[Y][ۈHۙ\[[\[ˈYY[XY ][]\HۛHX\[[XYK]^[]H[X[[XYK[8$HHH[Y[\[[[وX][[˜\[[ˈXX]\\[[][[[KB[HXZH\H][\H[[XYܙHHX]\]\KY[H]ۙ[][ۈ[YHH\ۈXH܂\KY^Y[Y]H[\]X^HYX[BX[\\Z\Y[H[[YY\X[Y[ ]ۈ\p8$x&]HYHY[و[\ZH]ۜœ[[ݙH[H[\X]\܈X\[HZY]HZ\Y XHܚ[و[\\[\ݙ\\[˜[]ۈ[\[[Y\[\ˈ\\[H[YB]H]ۈ\]\HH]YܙH[H]H[\\\XYH][Z[H[Y[˂][YHو\H][\]وH^HYܙH[HYH[\Y[H[Y]X][ۜ[ܝ[][HܝZ\BYH[[Y\[۝[[H[\[Z[H[Y[˂YH[Hو[ H\H[]H\H[ H[B[\Yܝ^\