Parker County Today April 2017 - Page 94

our youth: AG STARS Kember Bench Victory Baptist Student Show Interest In More Than Heifers BY SCOTLYN OGLE T welve-year-old Kember Bench has been showing animals since she was in the second grade. As a matter of fact, she comes from a family of livestock show enthusiasts; her entire family shows. As soon as Kember was old enough, she jumped at the chance to become involved. She started as a junior FFA member, joining the 4-H the following year, and is planning on pursuing 4-H throughout high school.  Kember has shown breeder pigs, market hogs, market goats, breeder rabbits, market rabbits, turkeys and is now focused on breeding heifers, with her current heifer being “Angelica.” Kember says the Black Angus heifer is spoiled. “Every day, I feed Angelica, brush her and just talk to her,” Kember said. “Talking to her helps calm her down.”  Angelica’s first show was at the Fort Worth Stock Show in January, when she was just a baby. Since she is a Black Angus, her long hair must be maintained before each show. Though this was Kember’s first cattle show, she did really well and placed fifth in her class. This June will be her fourth year showing, but showing is not the only activity this sixth-grader is involved in. At Victory Baptist Academy, Kember participates in basketball, volleyball and orchestra.  In 4-H, Kember’s other interests include proj- ects, such as being on the livestock judging team, as the club reporter and the vice president on the 4-H county council. Her main project right now is clothing and textiles, and she is currently working on a huge project where she collects clothing and household textiles to donate to The Center of Hope, where she volunteers twice a week. Kember has set a goal of donating at least 500 pounds of textiles. As for awards, Kember is most proud of her Reserve Champion title, which she won during her first show with a breeder pig. She recently won first place in our County Fashion Show in the Intermediate Refashion category by purchas- ing and designing her own refashioned jumper, 92 which allowed her to advance to the district competition. In addi- tion to this, Kember won first place in the County Food Show, proceeding to place second at the district show. She was also on the Food Challenge Team. Last year, she received the county level Bronze Star Award for Junior 4-Hers. Though she has yet to top her Reserve Champion title, it’s one of her next goals. Kember is extremely thankful for her brother Cooper and her friends who have helped her and gi ven her advice for raising and showing cattle, with this being her first year.  “I love my 4-H family,” Kember said. “My very best friends are in 4-H, and we all have so much fun together.”  She hopes to be like them when she gets older, and then follow in her mom’s footsteps and become an entrepreneur, pref- erably in the fashion and gift shop industry.