Parker County Today April 2017 - Page 9

Mothers BY MARSHA BROWN T hroughout history, some of the most courageous ground-breakers and inspirational characters were mothers. Women like Cleopatra and Queen Victoria: they made their mark and left lasting legacies for their children as both inspired and, at times, angered the world around them. Texas has the bragging rights as home to some of the most courageous mothers in the world. From Cynthia Ann Parker to Susanna Wilkerson Dickinson and Martha Couts. Texas mothers were some of the most courageous. They stood up in the face of hardships, hunger, epidemics, wars and heartbreaking grief. Through it all they remained undefeated — even when the men in their lives fell. We hope they inspire you the way they inspire us. These women never shrink in the face of a challenge, and they don’t back down. This month, we at PCT have profiled half-a-dozen impressively courageous moms who inspire those around them, because of their kindness, their insight, but most of all, their courage. 7