Parker County Today April 2017 - Page 69

trade glitch with Native Americans (I actually thought I was partly Native American because of family lore, then some relative did our genealogy and blew that theory all to Hades), I harbor no ill will toward Native Americans (we used to call them Indians).  I do know that there is an entire industry of people who use the whole political correctness epidemic for their own commercial gain. They’re paid to stalk competitors of their clients on the Internet, especially on social media and create conten- tion and damage reputations of these competitors. Sometimes they work for commercial entities and sometimes they work for a politi- cal group or party. Today, we call them professional trolls (they used to be commonly known as horse’s behinds). Thanks For Reading, Marsha Brown, Editor-in-Chief (this is not a reference to Native Americans) and Publisher, Parker County Today Magazine The most thorough carpet cleaning on the planet ... or it’s Free! I have had my carpets cleaned by hard working individuals that did noteworthy job, however it does not come close to the thorough service provided by Valtierra Cleaning Service! Great customer service, Matt is fantastic. I love using services provided by local businesses. Michelle spoke to me on several occasions as if we were old pals. She an- swered all my questions and Matt was the same. I value their values customer service is not as visible as it should be these days but trust me they value you as much as you value them. Pam Huttow Perrin, TX Valtierra Carpet Cleaning, Inc. Weatherford, TX • 817-599-9866 Realtor, BPOR 817-598-9663 Call us to see this property or others like it. Terri Lynn Stokes Broker, GRI, MCNE 817-613-1010 Justin Collins 610 Morrow Road, Springtown, TX 67