Parker County Today April 2017 - Page 68

Sit in Comfort Choose from over 100 bar stools for your kitchen, bar or game room 2312 Montgomery St., Fort Worth 76107 Located in the Cultural Arts District • 817.377.1004 Open Mon- Fri 9-6, Sat. 9-5 66 • General Healthcare • Emergency and Critical Care • Advanced and Routine Surgery • Complete In-House Laboratory • Advanced Dental Procedures • Laser Therapy • Ultrasound • Endoscopy Doctor and staff on premise 24 hours daily for Emergencies and Critical Care. Appointments available Mon.-Fri. 8:30am-6pm; Sat. 8:30am-4pm Dr. Randy Langerhans Dr. Jennifer Parsley | Dr. Sallye Gregg | Dr. Jeri Nokes Dr. Matthew Noland - General and Advanced Dentistry 3713 Fort Worth Hwy., Hudson Oaks, TX 76087 817-341-3331 | Continued from page 4 Ave. I struck up a conversation with one of the hair stylists (they were once called beauticians, I understand) while my own stylist was work- ing to make me look fabulous (and succeeding pretty well, I might add). The stylist, whom I’ll call Elaine because, well, that’s her name, innocently mentioned the Victoria’s Secret debacle. I must have been having a mouthy day (I often am). I found myself saying something that could be perceived as something politically incorrect (heaven forbid). Elaine said something about the cruel things “we’ve” done to the Native Americans. I said, “Really? I’ve never been cruel to any Native Americans? Have you?”  Elaine pondered this for a moment before she replied, ”Well, come to think of it, I haven’t done anything to the Native Americans either.” As it turned out, no one in the salon that day could think of a single mean thing they’ve done to Native Americans in general or any single Native Americans in particular or even any married ones. But the question arises, if you can’t speak your mind in a beauty shop, where can you enjoy freedom of speech? I found myself admitting to my own headdress experience. I had to admit that I did buy my own Native American Headdress when I was 16 for a costume party I had coming up. (I ended up going dressed as Jordan Baker from The Great Gatsby instead.) But I purchased the [head- dress] from a shop in Arizona that was owned by a Native American family and I overpaid for it — $300 earned as a part-time waitress at a steakhouse was a lot of money for a relic from a curio shop while on vacation). But, I have to say that was my own decision. I feel compelled to state, for the record, that I never, not once wore the headdress with suede underpants and a suede foundation garment (otherwise known as a bra). After I got it home, I found a label in the headband that said, “Made in Sri Lanka.” I suspect it wasn’t really even made of eagle feathers.  Despite this slightly negative