Parker County Today April 2017 - Page 67

Continued from page 30 Fold In Interest, Wash Away All Marketing Worries Remember the old adage, “kitchens and baths sell houses?” Well, it was true in your grandmother’s day and it’s true now. It’s likely to be true a century from now. If you’re adding drama, make sure it’s in your kitchen and baths. This kitchen is well-thought out, as practical as it is stunning. The bath is dramatic and dazzling — and irresistible. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Hall or a \Y]^H8%[HXYBHXX[\Y^\H[H\[[YXHو\XZ\B[X]XY\[H[H[[ٛܛZ[][H\Y]^K܂[^\H\[H[YKX[\۝[YYۈYH