Parker County Today April 2017 - Page 65

Continued from page 47 money than what is spent on their fee. Not to mention time, worry, and legal considerations. Take advantage of the resources your agent has as well. For instance, I know which lenders get the job done and at the lowest rates. I see a lot of people that look to online lenders thinking they will get the best deal, and have heard many horror stories from fellow agents, when deals fell through or extra fees were added on at the end. I’ve heard of people that lost their dream homes because their title company wasn’t able to provide the needed coverage. When I recommend a lender, title company, inspector, or home warranty company, I don’t receive a referral fee - I just want my clients working with the best. I want them to have the smoothest transaction possible. I can set a client up with someone to get their credit in line for a mortgage. I’m available after the transaction, for information about such things as exemptions and refinancing, or to refer a painter or HVAC expert. Take advantage of your agent’s knowledge and contacts!  PCT: What is the most interesting thing you have seen in your field?​ TS: I can’t talk about some of the more funny ones because of confidentiality! But I will say, the changes in the industry are fascinating to me. I remember when I was a teenager, interest rates went over 18 percent and now they are 4-5 percent for a 30 year note. Just since I’ve entered the business, the changes in laws and regula- tions are mind blowing. I sold a house years ago for sale by owner, but I wouldn’t do it again, simply because things are so much more complicated these days. Even that deal fell through at the attorney’s office. These days, between safety concerns, marketing and legal ramifica- tions, I wouldn’t consider it. Not being aware of some of the developments can be very costly. The changes in the market have been riveting, as well - even in the last 5 years alone! PCT: What is something that others don’t know about you or your job?​ ​  TS: I’ve heard people say they wanted to be a real estate agent because they like looking at houses, but that’s such a small part of the job that I’m afraid they would be very unhappy. I spend more ​time working on contracts and other paperwork. Sometimes, I begin working with a client as early as helping them overcome credit issues to qualify for a mortgage, then facilitate the transaction all the way through - with the loan process, title, inspection, appraisal, survey and more - right up to the closing. I then continue to help them from then on with any real estate- related questions they have.​ A good agent doesn’t disap- pear after the closing.​ I love getting to know my clients while working with them. Afterwards, I don’t always get to see or talk to them as much as I’d like, but I’m always available to help them if they need it. I’ve been able to help clients long after our transaction, when they’ve moved on to other areas or states. Some will call a few years later and say they are working with an agent in their new part of the country, but they trust me and want my opinion. I am also able to recommend good realtors in most areas of the country. 63