Parker County Today April 2017 - Page 64

Continued from page 34 stopped once to eat a bite of something. I get in my little zone and I can’t believe that that much time has gone by. The kids make fun of me because I’ll turn on love songs from the 1950s and ‘60s and have it going really loud. I’m just painting away.” Aubrey says art allows her to express her individual- ity, to tap into something that is uniquely her. “And some people like that. Some say the work is beautiful; but then there’s the guy who says ‘it looks like a bunch of East Coast junk!’” In art as in other endeavors, one must recall 62 what is said of opinions and simply soldier on. Asked what degree she holds she replied with a giggle, “Well, it isn’t any fun.” But the business manage- ment degree helped her in business; before becoming a full-time painter Aubrey spent 22 years in retail. Her stores — one in Glen Rose and one in Granbury — were called Caylor Creek and offered home décor and cloth- ing. “And now I’m retired and doing what I really want to do,” she said triumphantly. Indeed, the little girl who once changed water for her watercolorist grandmother has come into her own, is an artist in her own right. “Donkey”