Parker County Today April 2017 - Page 63

Thank you for 40 years of business Erica Schrick, Amy Dulaney, Rakisha Chenault, Pat Martin, Lori Clay I Pat Martin & Rakisha Chenault The Title Building of Parker County | Adams, Bennett & Duncan PC 5060 I-20 South Service Road | Willow Park, Texas 76087 | 817.441.6321 Fax 817.441.8892 Building of Parker County, Rakisha is preserving true family values. Pat and Rakisha attribute their success to three factors: 1) Commitment, mission, and values; 2) Commitment to consumers; and 3) Predominant customer service. Being staffed with the highest caliber of profes- sionals and creating quality customer service unpar- alleled in the area, the women of The Title Building of Parker County are a team of disciplined special- ist. They offer a deep understanding and knowledge of title and escrow. The Title Building of Parker County is built on trust and honesty. By offering our own unique legacy, we make the world we inhabit a better place [B[] X[H]HZ[[و\\[N”\[H[][]H܈ݙ\ YX\[Z[˜Hۜ\[\\H[^\܈^\[ۋB\][][ SX\[Y[\YXH[ NM [H\[\\Y[وX]\ܙ]K][\\]\\Y\ M\[ X]\ܙ]H\HXY[[\XH]H\[K[B][[][]KYX\و\ܚX[Z[\ۙ\]HYB[XHY[[وH]HZ[[و\\[K[[HYXHوXY\\Z\B[][ \[]\Hۙ[Z[K]KB][ۈوۜ\[XY\\]^[\YY\B[][ۜ\]\[YZ[ۈH[ZXB[][ۋ\[[܈\ܛٙX\]H]B