Parker County Today April 2017 - Page 6

A Letter From The Editor Is political correctness another threat to freedom of speech or is it just another huge communist plot?  A m I alone in this? I personally detest political correctness. There are numerous reasons why. Famed novelist Terry Pratchett summed it up with great skill, alluding to the PC trend when he wrote in his novel Johnny and the Bomb: “You’re not allowed to call them dinosaurs any more,” said Yo-less. “It’s speciesist. You have to call them pre-petroleum persons.”  Have you ever noticed that some- one must coin a new phrase for something the moment the meaning of the original phrase for it becomes widely understood? Example: manhole covers are now referred to as “personhole covers.” Wow.  This definitely applies to terms used for professions. Take the terms stewardess and stewards, for example. These phrases were once internationally understood and that’s when the word-Nazis felt compelled to swoop down and replace them. When I was a very small child, as opposed to now that I’m a very small adult, I would look at these beauti- ful women and handsome men and want to grow up to be them. Of course that’s before I understood how much guff these guys have to put up with from the increasingly rude and drunken (not to mention sometimes dangerous) traveling public. But, as a child, I’d watch these glamorous- looking, personable people as they moved efficiently and professionally about the plane seeing to the comfort and safety of their passengers. As a child growing up in pre-9/11 America, I truly wanted to grow up to be one of them. So, of course, the word-Nazis had to swoop down and change their titles to flight attendant. Really? The excuse? The old titles were … “demeaning.” Alrighty then.  I abhor walking on eggshells. I loathe double standards and the unfairness of how some people are allowed to use certain words and phrases and remain acceptable while others would be labeled a xeno- phobe, a racist or a hater. Most of all, I hate pussyfooting around issues. I feel that people should have the courage to defend the way they think and if they can’t, maybe they should consider taking a position that they are able to defend?  Billionaire philanthropist Robert Agostinelli said, “The social disease of political correctness has entered daily life, inverting good to bad and attempting to rewrite proud histories as an imposition of white supremacy for which we all should make contri- tion.” Ok, but he’s a conservative. Some famous liberals aren’t too keen on the whole political correctness thing either. Here’s what s YHق[H]H^HۈHXX[ZY 8'HHY[[˜X]]X[ܜX\ˈH]H] ]]\\\YH[[H[XYق^Z[]H[˸'pX[[X[\ZY 8'Hܚ]X[[\ܝ[Hوۙ\\[\H[HYH[\X[][ۘ[۝\][ۈYYHY[\[K]]\Z[\YY\˜]\[[XYH[H\B]\[YH]X[ܜX\˜[Y[X[ܝK'B[Hۛ]X[ܜX\š\XXY\Y[ZXܝ[ۜ[][\XH\H\[ۜ›وYHYX HZ\[ۜ ^B\YH[YX]]HHقX]\ܙ [Y\XKHXX[YH\X]B\[ۈ[]HYX\YBۙH\H[[\YHXYB\]Y[[ۈH][ܚ]H[^HX\[[Y YYB[\[[X][[][ۂ\Y[ ^H\YHY\Y\\H]YYH[[[H]]H[Y\X[XY\[HXܚXx&\Xܙ][Hˈ™XH[\YY[]\KB\HX\H\ۛ]]Z\YYH[\X\ [XYHB\H[\X\XXXKYK\[Z[[ܙH[H]HYX[\H\\B؛[O\\[K]\X]\B\YH\۸&]]]H[Y\X[[YX\\XܙY\\Y[HZZK[HZ[Z[˜H]]H[Y\X[[YHܘ] B[]وHܚ[۝œX[YYXH\Z[[X]ٙ[Y^H\HX]\HB[[X\[\YY&]]B\Z\[ۈX\H8'XܙY8'H\ۛ] X[OHY]Y\[ۈ\B\][H[\]YHY[ۈX[YYXK\H\^H˜ۙ\H]Hٙ[Y\Y\\BXX[H]]H[Y\X[܈ZY\܈XܚXx&\Xܙ]8&\Xܙ]\]]ܜZH[܈YX&\›و]܈[\ [Y[KB\[8'[[Y[Y\Y[\'JK]\\HX[۝[X[B\KHۙH\Z[H\]^H\B[H]H[]\[]Z\YYH[Y\[HYݙ\Hܚ[\H[H\[ۈ™\YۙY]^Y\[ܙX]HB\x&[Hو]\\[ \]YX[]H]HHؚ[&\X]\[Hܝ[\]Y[[ۙH\و]\\[X\H[]܈HZY\ˈX]\HH]BH؋H[Y[ۋH]\]XB]\\[[ܙHܜHX][\\ZH[Hو]\\]YK܈]]H[Y\X[܂\]\ˈH\XX[H۸&]\H]^HX\]Z\[\X\Y] \[ۘ[KY[ۙH[[[HY[[ۈHH[˜[H]Y][]X[B[ܜXZ[]و^H[] \š\[Y\H\][^HZ\ۙH]ܘ\[ۈۈ[ܚ۝[YYۈYH