Parker County Today April 2017 - Page 59

postcard or two. But Bob had his own agenda; he was moving to Cowtown. “I didn’t have but twenty dollars, so I knew I was going to have to work somewhere along the way, a filling station or ranch or somewhere — I was going to have to make me some money just to get to Montana,” said Pat. “Bob said, ‘We’re moving to Fort Worth, why don’t you help us haul a load down there?’ So I say ‘OK.’ We loaded up and got in about two in the morning.” They stayed with his half-brother’s mother and the next morning Bob rose early and went to work. Pat, being 18 and up half the night, slept in. When Bob returned he told Pat he had a job for him if he wanted it. “He was a brilliant electrician, Bob was, and he told me he could get me on at Six Flags where he worked at a dollar-ninety an hour,” recalled Pat. “Now when I worked in Sterling I never got more than a dollar an hour. The older boys working out in the oil field were making a dollar and a half! And I said, ‘Man, if I ever make a dollar and a half I’ll never see 57