Parker County Today April 2017 - Page 55

Embracing the Big R By Richard A. Florey Marketing Director, EcoVantage Energy, Inc. One of the roles I have as a marketing director is coming up with new angles or perspectives from which to compel an audience into action. In the case I make for going Solar, it’s easy. From reducing your electric bill to, in some cases, eliminating it, to reducing pollution, non-interrupted power, yada yada, the list goes on and on. Many times an idea happens organically from casual conversation. In this case, it was eavesdropping. I assure you I wasn’t being covert or nosy, the conversation was just there and loud enough to hear. Th ]ZY H۝\][ۈ\Y\[œ]\[Y[ Y\Hܙ ]KYXK[\Hۘ\]ܝ\H]B[[Y]HHY][H[XH\H]\] HY›[ۙ^K[H]H[Yو]™]O[Y]H[]HB]\ZHٙ]X]\•]]\]][ۈHXX\Y][YXY[[[[ܙH[\Y[]YY[][\[HHH^Y[YB܈H]\KX\^HZYKBYYۙ\ˈ\\\H]KYXH[HH[\Y[[x&]BY[[܋H[ۙHYY]B[YX\’]8&\H]H؝[\YXH[[B[X]] Y[܈[\[š[H] ^\][و\[\YH[Y[ݙ\YBHH[YHZY[YX\˂ۘH]\[[x&[H[\[H[ۙHو\ۙ\\\[[YH܈H[YX\ˈ[[[Y ]][[]\BH ML  L \YX\][\Y[[\\ݚYYB[YH۝\]H[وXXYX\[H۸&]^H[][܂[XX]K[YHZHH\[ܚ[\]\\H^KHۙ\[H[\[] ^\›][\H]\Y[H[]H[܈][YY[YX\XY\ۈH][\[X]BX[]Y\H]8&\ۙHوH]\X\ۜH[[و\[\ˈY[H]H[B]Y\[ۜۈ]\Y Y[YH۝XX՘[YH[\K[ˈ] ML L H܈\]\X]H]˙Xݘ[YY[\KKL