Parker County Today April 2017 - Page 51

duties. And since she does all the child-rearing herself, convenience counts! Although they may seem to be in perpetual motion, hummingbirds actually sit on perches a good bit of every day. Fiercely protective of its feeding territory, a resident hummer will often want to sit quietly on a branch that gives it a complete view of its realm. From this spot it will dart out at any intruders, letting them know in no uncertain terms that they are trespassing. If you don’t have small, open trees with a view of the feeder, try strategically positioning a hook or other artificial “branch” for the hummingbirds to adopt for this purpose. If you think that since hummingbirds drink their break- fast, lunch and dinner and they don’t need water, you’re about half right. Hummingbirds do get sufficient moisture from flower nectar and “feeder juice” to meet their physi- ological needs, but they still need to bathe to keep their feathers clean and flight worthy. Keep this in mind as a way to encourage hummingbirds to choose your yard. Like humans who prefer a shower to a bath, humming- birds seem to love water features with misters or spray attachments. So, spend a little time adding amenities to your yard. Try to wind up with a yard that appeals to the humming- birds, a place that clearly says, “Hello and welcome home. We’ve been waiting for you.” 49