Parker County Today April 2017 - Page 50

Hello, and Welcome To Hummers! How to be hospitable to hummingbirds BY THE WILD BIRD CENTER, WEATHERFORD, TX Hummer Sugar. It is 100% sucrose, finely ground so it will easily dissolve in water. For ease in cleaning your hummingbird feeders, try a humming- bird brush which allows entrance to the feeding ports for added cleanliness. Remember, hummingbirds do not live by sugar-water alone. They also eat gnats and spiders and other small insects, and take nectar directly from flowers. Yards that offer a complete selection of their favorite foods are like- ly to be favored with more visits. W hat do you look for when choosing a bed and breakfast? If you’re like most people, you’ll consid- er everything from location and food offerings to resting spots and bathing facilities. It’s no different for humming- birds. But first you have to get their atten- tion. Unless you have loyal guests who return every year, you’ll have to depend on targeted advertising. Think “visible redness” – things such as red flowers or feeders that are not covered by trees and will be seen by hummingbirds flying over- head. Once you have their attention, you can improve your chances of hosting these delightful summer visitors by creating an environment that meets their needs. Food, of course, is a critical factor. Your sugar water must always be fresh. Even one bad meal may be enough to send them elsewhere. Don’t waste time by trying to distinguish yourself by making the neighborhood’s best nectar. If you prefer convenience, try our easy-to-mix Pure 48 Female hummingbirds, in particular, prefer yards where they can nest as well as drink. Try to locate your feeder near a tree appropriate for nesting. The Wild Bird Center carries Hummingbird Nesting Material (yes, there is such a thing) that you can hang in trees near your feeder to attract them to stay. The nest and feeder combination provides the convenience of mini-bar in the room. Although hummingbird babies eat primarily regur- gitated insects, having a reliable source of nectar at hand allows mom to get the energy she needs without taking too much time from her feeding and maintenance