Parker County Today April 2017 - Page 49

members. I continue to keep up with clients whenever possible - over dinner, at events, or just on Facebook. Within TERIN Realty, we have a family feel - we only hire people that have integrity, a positive attitude, are very professional and are people we like to be around. The agents sometimes contact me about other agents they would be proud to work with. The result is that we have so much fun anytime any of us are together! I feel so honored to have the team that we have. Additionally, I am blessed to have great friends within various aspects of the industry and through networking for the company. This job has brought a beautiful tapestry of relationships and some of my closest friends into my life. My other favorite thing is that I love helping people achieve their dreams.​ It’s such a rush to help a client get more than they had hoped for! PCT: What have you learned in purs​u​ing your field?​ TS: Patience! And that when I put my business in God’s hands, things take shape in ways I wouldn’t have imag- ined. Partly with houses that are sold, but also with our company. When I got my broker’s license and my part- ner, Justin, and I went out on our own, we thought it would be just the two of us, maybe a couple more, for at least several months only in Parker County. In less than two weeks, we had agents, including in the Dallas area, that had called me and asked about joining us, and we hired four of them. We continued to grow just by word of mouth, and only six months after starting the company we have 12 agents in Weatherford, Granbury, Grandview and Dallas areas, with several more to be onboard soon. We offer the agents what we believe is one of the best deals around, and it has paid off with incredible agents, and allowing us to be picky. Instead of being in one area, we have agents in other areas that we can refer family members of clients and other customers to. I believe God has directed that and blesses us as we trust Him. PCT: What advice can you give others who may want to follow in your footsteps?​ TS: Learn all you can. Your clients will be trusting you to guide them with one of the biggest financial investments they have, so it is imperative that you learn as much as possible about the laws, mortgages, marketing, surveys, property values in any area you work, and negotiation; as well as all you can about structures, land, and any type of real estate you handle. Also, start saving your money. People don’t realize how much it actually costs to m )х͕̰51L ɐՕ̰MɄ̰ٕ)ѡ͔ѡݡԁɕeЁѥȁ䁽)ȁݽɬչѥɅͅѥ̸͕eԁݥ)她ѡ͔́ȁɭѥѽ̰ٕ)ѡ͔ɽи)A P]Ё́ѡЁ٥ԁٔѼ)ѽ)QLɽͥ́ԁЁ́ȁɕѽȁȳ,)ѡѕѼѡ Q䁅ɔѡɔѼեԁѼЁѡ)эԁ݅и ЁݥѠѡЁݡЁ)݅Ёɕ锁Ёݽɭ́Ёݡԁݽɬѽѡȁ)ѕ ɽͥݥՅٔͅԁɔ) ѥՕ)]ѡəɐMՑ)ܹ݌ԁܴд)51 Ʌ(