Parker County Today April 2017 - Page 48

our biz: PROFESSIONAL WISDOM Talk with the Business Titans BY MISTY BROWNING Terri Stokes — Real Estate Broker, Founder of Terin Realty PCT: What do you do in your day to day?​ ​ TS: Every day is different - it’s one of the things I love about this business, but it’s very different than many people think. In addition to showing or listing properties, I spend a lot of time on contracts and making sure all aspects are going smoothly from the loan to the appraisal. I do a good deal of marketing for my listings to sell quickly at the highest price. I don’t believe in just putting a sign in the yard and hoping it sells. I believe marketing, knowledge and negotiation set an agent apart, so I’ve worked at honing those skills. I regularly take time to increase my knowledge, so that’s part of my day-to-day as well. Since starting TERIN Realty, I’m spending more and more time assisting our agents with their needs, training agents and handling the brokerage end of things. Because I am out and about and taking phone calls throughout the day, I often stay up until 2:00 am or later, working on paperwork or things I need undisturbed time for. I work many more hours than most people realize. I wouldn’t trade the crazy hours, though, because I love the flexibility. I also believe in being involved in the community and volunteering. I don’t ever get bored! PCT: How did you get into this business?​ ​ TS: I was always interested in real estate and still have books I read on real estate before I was 20 years old. I always loved old houses and ranches and little cottages. However, I don’t come from a family that was involved in real estate, building, or ranching - any of the ways that have given some an “in” in this business, so I didn’t know much about real estate as a career except that you didn’t get a paycheck! I began supporting myself at 17 while putting myself through college, so I needed a regular paycheck. I had worked for an airline and as a lighting director for everything from Garth Brooks and Willie Nelson, to Lipizzaner Horse shows. I bought and remodeled several homes for myself over the years and continued to learn. An injury led me to refocus, and I realized it was time. I began my real estate career appraising houses, not selling them. While doing my appraiser apprenticeship, I had people that would ask me to help them buy a home, because of the knowledge so, I got my sales license and did both. I then changed firms and became both a realtor and the Fort Worth office manager for a large real estate company. From there, I got my broker’s license and started TERIN Realty, along with my partner, Justin Collins and our Director of Operations, Janet McReyn- olds. We wanted to offer the utmost in friendly, professional service along with current technology to make things easier for our clients, and a great working environment and better overall package for our 46 agents than other firms were offering. PCT: What is your back up job if you weren’t in this business?​ TS: It’s hard to imagine something not real estate related, such as investment properties or appraising. But if I were to do something entirely different, I’d probably like to write non-fiction. I’ve had both my writing and photographs published, but I tend to be such a perfectionist about that type of thing, I might make myself crazy.​ PCT: What is your favorite thing about your job? TS: The relationships I’ve formed. I have become good friends with many clients. I’ve helped several families sell or buy on 6-7 different transactions with various family