Parker County Today April 2017 - Page 47

Losing a pet is always hard, but there are many ways to help. Below is a list of steps the shelter staff recommends to do when dealing with a lost pet: Preventing a Lost Pet Be aware of runaway pets. New pets are always curious of their new surroundings and try to get out to explore. Always secure the area in which your pet is living. Shut windows and doors, have secure fencing, and keep a leash nearby. Make sure there isn’t a way for them to dig out of your yard — use cement or chicken wire fencing on the bottom of your fence.  Keep track of your pets. Always be sure you have a good eye on your pet, and try to know where they are at all times. Make sure your pet has a chip which allows your local vet or shelter to identify you as its owner if it becomes lost.  “The shelter or local vet can check if the animal has a chip, and if it does, the chip’s information finds the true owner,” Montgomery said. “Some people believe the chip is a GPS. It’s not; but there is a GPS collar you can purchase.”  If you decide to get a GPS collar, it lets you keep track of exactly where your pet is for a monthly fee. It is also recommended to have your neighbors meet your pets so if a pet escapes your neighbors can help you find it. Make sure your pet’s collar has an ID tag with its name, your name, and your info (name, phone number and home address) printed on it. If You Lose Your Pet Ask around your neighborhood. Go door to door and ask your neigh- bors if they have seen your pet. They may have seen where it went or even have it in their home to keep it safe. If not, make lost and found posters. The poster needs to have a clear picture of your pet with its name, along with your name, phone number and home address. Hang these posters toward the front of your neighborhood so more people will see them. Post the picture along with your info on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Go to the shelter or a local veteri- narian and see if they have found your pet. Both of them have the abil- ity to read the chips in your pet, so if they find your pet they may call you. If your pet does not have a chip or collar, they might be taken in as a stray, so always check if your pet is at the shelter. Go Online  Dustin Deel of the local shelter explains, “Our goal is to educate the public on how helpful our website is to navigate to get answers. It has many links and step-by-step direc- tions on pets lost and found.” The Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter dashboard on weath- is a great help when looking for a lost pet. There you can find a lost and found map, pets recently found by the shelter, and more info on what to do in this situ- ation. For more information about the shelter, go to The Giving Second Chances Campaign Donate online at: Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter 403 Hickory Lane | Weatherford, TX | 76086 | 817-598-4111 (All donations are tax deductable) $1.65 Million goal to improve The WPCAS facility and their life saving efforts. 45