Parker County Today April 2017 - Page 32

our style: HOME DESIGN Planning Your Dream Home For the Future How To Plan Your Dream House So It Can Seamlessly Morph Into Someone Else’s Dream Home? BY MARSHA BROWN Y ou’ve finally reached the point in your career, in your life, where you’re able to build your dream home. Congratulations! No doubt, it took a great deal of strategy on your part, both in your personal and professional life to get to this point. Now for the tricky part — using that same ability of strategic planning to make sure you make all the correct decisions in planning your dream home so that it doesn’t turn out to be a white elephant. Let’s face it — this might not always be your dream home. Things change. People change. Children grow up. Tastes change. You may want six bedrooms, eight baths, three stories and a multi-media room. There may come a time when you long for a simple single-story, low-maintenance three bedroom home. If and when that time comes, how easily will your dream segue into becoming someone else’s dream home? 30 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Location, Location, Location Finding the perfect setting for your dream home isn’t always easy. It helps if you know what style of home you want. If you want a rustic Texas ranch style, traditional or a Mediterranean, a wooded property like this one is perfect. Having a terrain conducive to adding a circular drive like this one adds to the “Country Manor,” effect as well. Continued on p vRcP