Parker County Today April 2016 - Page 92

APRIL 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY Continued from page 71 clients — a highlight of their day or week. Most of the time I can accomplish that.”  According to Valentic, he does a lot of therapeutic work at North Texas Veterinary Hospital with Dr. Sweatt. He mostly works with quarter horses but has worked with various other breeds such as Arabs and thoroughbreds. Most of his injuries stemmed from working on thoroughbreds, so he gravitated toward quarter horses because “they just seem to have a better mind and are a little less flighty.”  An AFA (American Farrier’s Association) certified Journeyman Farrier, Valentic is involved in the AFA as well as with the World Champion Blacksmiths competitive organization. They host competitions all over the United States for blacksmiths. He is also active in the Texas Professional Farrier’s Association. All of these organizations give farrier’s connections that help them grow and succeed in their careers.  Valentic had a little advice for those just starting out in farriery: “It just goes back to seeking knowledge. Seek knowledge in your craft, in your field, and in your trade. Push yourself to learn more and try new things. Do whatever you can to gain knowledge and become better at your craft.”  90