Parker County Today April 2016 - Page 81

APRIL 2016 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY Adding to Rogers’ list, Mask said, “We also tied it into math and made graphs. They even made their own survey. They sent out the survey questions. People from the community completed the survey questions. Then they used those [answers] to make bar graphs and line graphs. Then they analyzed the data. ... It’s not just about assessment, they’re getting everything that they need through their own discovery.” From asking media professionals to teach their classrooms about journalism to discovering the needs of Soldier Spring Park and developing solutions, the three led their students on an unforgettable journey. Third-grader Kaydence Hoffman said, “I loved learning through PBL/ Genius Hour because I was learning about Soldier Spring Park’s history and how it began. And it was very great.” Echoing similar sentiments, Harrison Ray said, “I enjoyed learning by going outside and doing our PBL/Genius Hour besides being standard lectured by the teacher, because it’s better learning and way more fun outside so we can get fresh air and do our own learning.” Discussing the job they were given, Koen VanRite said, “I learned how journalists do their job. I liked doing the PBL because I got to learn a lot.” But it’s not just a few teachers and students in WISD who are believers in PBL, as even WISD Superintendent Jeffery Hanks, PhD, expressed excitement about what’s going on in his district.  79