Parker County Today April 2016 - Page 63

chance to interview. I moved to Parker County in 1985 to manage KZEE Radio. After living here for less than year, I filed for Precinct 4 Commissioner. Nobody thought I could win, being a newcomer and a Republican. I was in the first contested Republican Primary in the county. I served two terms as Commissioner and left the Courthouse thinking I was finished with politics. After a few years working as President of the Weatherford Chamber of Commerce I was approached by a few people in the community who asked me to run for County Judge. I had to think long and hard about it because I really didn’t have any intention of coming back as an elected official. After some thought, I decided to run for County Judge. Now, today, I sit as the longest serving County Judge in Parker County history. PCT: What is your favorite part about the job? MR: Building partnerships to solve problems with real solutions. Government doesn’t really produce a product, but with the transportation projects we have completed, I feel we have been successful in producing something tangible that benefits our citizens. We have done it with great transparency and that is very important. PCT: What is the most difficult thing about the job? MR: As County Judge the most difficult times have been those years where the makeup of Commissioners Court had individuals who were more interested in the politics of personalities and personal gain than they were in solving problems we faced as a growing county. We have an excellent Commissioners Court now. We may have disagreements, but it is not personal. We work together to find realistic solutions to real problems. PCT: Would you recommend this field to others? MR: Government certainly has its place and politics is part of that. I recommend it to anyone whose main goal is to serve the community in resolving issues without any desire to gain personally. PCT: What advice do you have for those who are looking into this field? MR: They need alligator skin, duck feathers and a sense of humor. Cost Effective Solutions Short-Term Cash Flow Quick Approval Process Senior Partner Office: 817-757-7764 | 888-617-7775 | Cell: 817-480-5224 | PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY Interface is the leading alternative funding source for small business ... Since 1972 APRIL 2016 THE INTERFACE FINANCIAL GROUP Our innovative invoice financing program is a cost-effective way to maximize your company’s cash flow potential. Mitch Bedinger 61