Parker County Today April 2016 - Page 55

adopted, and it was even more difficult for the volunteers to watch him go a second time, but nevertheless, they wanted the best for him.  About a month went by without a trace, but on February 10, the little runaway, all too familiar to the shelter’s staff, found his way back. Wally was brought in a third time as a stray. This time the volunteers were extremely baffled. Wally seemed just as happy and rambunctious as ever, his skin condition had healed slightly but he would still bleed when he was bathed. Not only was the poor pup still suffering and itchy, his time at the shelter was running out of space. After a few weeks, he was put on the urgent list. The volunteers had grown extremely fond of Wally and began to panic once he became urgent. He was a perfect family dog, and also still just a puppy, and after two previous adoptions surely someone would want him. As the days rolled by too quickly, Wally’s time ticked away. Hope blossomed when a woman called in and asked about him. On March 3, Wally’s frightening last day at the shelter, a staff member contacted Minden Sigman, the woman who’d expressed interest, and explained to her that he’d just been put on the urgent list.  “I’ll be there in 45 minutes,” was Minden’s reply.  Wally was adopted that afternoon for what was Livestock care and rehabilitation hopefully the last time. Minden took Wally to the vet, who determined his skins condition was a form of Mange, and he is now healing beautifully at home with Minden.  The volunteers knew he was special, but when asked what made her want to adopt him, even with his condition, Minden happily responded with her love of Pit Bulls. “I personally like Pit Bulls, I like taking care of them, and the fact that he had a skin condition and the Animal Shelter couldn’t do anything about it, I really felt the need to take care of him because he couldn’t take care of himself.”  For now, Wally stays in his own room, until his Mange is cleared up.  “He eats a lot, his fur is growing back, and he’s not itchy anymore.” Minden said of the pup’s healing process. However, his condition doesn’t keep him from his playful nature, “He’s got a crazy amount of energy; he bounces off the walls every five seconds,” she added with a laugh. Though he hasn’t met them yet, Wally has two other fur siblings, also Pits, to play with when he recovers. Max and Athena await anxiously for their new playmate to heal so they can welcome him into their fur family. Minden told Parker County Today that Wally is doing very well, he’s very happy and should be back to normal by the end of the month.  In house Labs Newest technology in operating rooms Providing Services for: EQUINE • LIVESTOCK CANINE • FELINE Dr. Sweatt • Dr. McLeod • Dr. Hutchins 8283 FM 920 • Weatherford, Texas • 817-458-3355 PA R K E R C O U N T Y T O D AY equine surgical clinic APRIL 2016 State of the art facility and mobile services 53