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Boncafe Coldpress Juices and Smoothies
What It Offers : Coldpress juices stay fresh for up to six months , and they retain more vital nutrients and antioxidants thanks to the High Pressure Processing Technology ( HPP ). The absence of heat ensures Coldpress juices retain more of the vitamins and nutrients naturally found in fruits ( and vegetables ) than conventional juices . These health elixirs also contain no added sugar , colourings or preservatives , guaranteeing all the good stuff without consuming any chemicals or unnecessary sweeteners .
Find Out More : salesenquiry @ boncafe . com or www . boncafe . com
I Theatre
What It Offers : I Theatre provides world class theatre experiences that are both thought-provoking and entertaining for both families and children . Led by Artistic Director Brian Seward , I Theatre takes pride in delivering top performances that will sit happily in a theatre anywhere in the world .
Find Out More : team @ itheatre . org or www . itheatre . org
Naturel Spray Oil
What It Offers : Using only the most natural and pure ingredients , Naturel cooking oils are created as an answer to the increasing emphasis on eating healthy and giving consumers more wholesome alternatives to choose from . Available in avocado oil , extra virgin olive oil , and grapeseed oil , the sprays cater to a variety of dietary needs . Best of all , they are trans fat-free and low in calories .
Find Out More : pongsp @ lamsoon . com . sg or www . lamsoongroup . com . sg
Naturel Organic Hom Mali Rice
What It Offers : Naturel Organic Rice is harvested with most of the grain intact , thus retaining most of its nutritional goodness . It is grown in farms that have met European Union standards and obtained organic certifications from the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements ( IFOAM ).
Find Out More : pongsp @ lamsoon . com . sg or www . lamsoongroup . com . sg
novita PuriClean™ Air Purifier NAP610i
What It Offers : The novita PuriClean™ Air Purifier NAP610i includes an improved user experience , higher negative ions count emission of up to 60 million per cubic metres and larger coverage area of up to 42 square metres . Equipped with a far infrared particle sensor , the NAP610i provides monitoring of your current air quality .
Find Out More : sharlene @ novita . com . sg or www . novita . com . sg