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65 conserving the future

an earth day special

We shine a light on the most pressing eco issues in our backyard , striving to leave behind a world that ’ s fit for our children .

for a nation as small as us , it can be

hard to fathom how much of an environmental impact we make on this earth , if at all . Let us assure you that we do . After all , as a nation , we consume 430 million gallons of water a day and 47,514 gigawatts an hour . Did we also mention the 8,402 tonnes of waste we dump every day in 2015 ? With the numbers climbing steadily every year , you can bet that the little red dot does contribute to the entire world ’ s resource crisis .
But before we look at the global picture , we need to tackle the issues on home turf . In recent years , our indiscreet anti-environmental actions have come to life in hazardous ways . We feel the effects of global warming every day as we battle rising and unpredictable temperatures and pay the price of reckless deforestation with the haze plight .
From wasting paper to our choice of shampoo , the ramifications of our everyday actions will be felt even more so by our children . Some experts believe that the global temperature will rise past three degrees within the next 80 years . The catastrophic effects of the rise would include more forest fires , floods , droughts , and a sealevel rise that would turn Singapore into the next Atlantis .
Sure , in 80 years , Elon Musk might finally succeed in colonising Mars , and our children may be able to leave a broken Earth to begin life anew as Martians . But every day , the total devastation of our planet becomes more of a reality and less of a narrative in a sciencefiction movie . Instead of clinging onto the hope of an Elon ex machina , isn ’ t it easier if we do our part and say , turn off the lights when we leave the room ?

a visual perspective

1 Gigawatt 1 Million Gallons 1,000 Tonnes
100 Million LED Lightbulbs
1.5 Olympic-sized Swimming Pools
than 7
Blue Whales