Parent Teacher Magazine Union County Public Schools Sept/Oct 2018 - Page 4

UCPS announces social and emotional learning, safety and security initiatives for 2018-19 school year Did you know that UCPS and Union County are partnering this year to connect students with social, emotional and mental health resources? Or that additional safety and security measures are currently being put in place at schools across the county? Traditional schools opened their doors for students on Aug. 27th, and UCPS announced a series of new initiatives and programs for the 2018-19 school year that are designed to provide students with equitable access to critical resources while also preparing them for college, careers and life after high school. Here’s what you can expect to see in our schools this year: Social and emotional learning • Through a partnership with Union County, UCPS is in the process of hiring additional social workers, mental health therapists and school-based counselors who will provide social and emotional support in each of the district’s nine clusters. This districtwide focus on social and emotional health will allow the school system to be more proactive when students are in crisis or need emotional support. School safety and security • Through a partnership with the Union County Sheriff’s Office, school resource officers will now serve elementary schools throughout the district. In years past, school resource officers primarily served middle and high school campuses. 2 • Sept/Oct 2018 • Parent Teacher Magazine  • In an effort to enhance safety and security, all UCPS elementary schools will have an entrance door equipped with a video camera by the end of September. Staff will use this video doorbell system to identify visitors before buzzing them into the building. • By next month, all UCPS schools will use a consistent visitor management system that requires guests to provide front office staff with valid identification that will be used to run on-the- spot background checks upon entering a school’s premises. College readiness and academic achievement • UCPS will continue to cover the cost for students to take the PSAT 8, PSAT/NMSQT and SAT during the school day. By removing financial and/or transportation barriers for students who otherwise may not have been able to take the exams, there has been a significant increase in the number of students who have 'F6FVBFR6VvR&&B76W76VG2( 2fRv6r&fFW27GVFVG2vF&R66W72FvW"VGV6F'GVFW2( 'VFrFR7V66W72b7BV.( 2FV6fRFGWF&r&w&f"fW'FB6WfVFw&FW'2Bv&&G662FR66F7G&7B2WFrFRFGWF&p&w&FFw&FW'2vGFVB&RBf&W7B2v662( F266V"V7BV֖FFRB'6fR@vvFRVVVF'662vVVBFRGf6VV@fFfGVFWFW&֖FdB&w&BFV"&W7V7FfP662F2&v&W2666FV֖27W'B&w&vVFR662V6RV&r'GVFW2&W&R7GVFVG0f"6VvRB&fFRFRvWV7FF266W72B7W'@7GVFVG2VVBF7V66VVB&v&W26W'6W2