Parent Teacher Magazine Union County Public Schools Sept/Oct 2018 - Page 20

When you were in high school, what was your dream job? Perhaps some kind of professional athlete or a musician, or maybe an actor or a pilot. For the past four years, Porter Ridge High senior Dakota Douglas has been laser-focused on taking the necessary steps to reach her dream job: a pediatric oncologist. “I’m really interested in health disparities because I have a grandmother who is blind and an older brother who has autism, so I’m really sensitive to the different social issues and stigmas that they can encounter,” Dakota said, sitting at a table in her school’s media center. “In the best capacity, I can serve as a provider who is aware of these issues and make a direct impact by being a leader over different teams that help to serve different populations.” Also, she added with a hint of a smile, working with children would be pretty interesting because the psychology of the child mind is so fascinating. It’s a pretty specific goal for anyone, let alone a 17-year-old high school student who is only days away from graduation. But her uncanny ability to set and achieve goals is what landed Dakota among the top of her high school class and earned her the coveted spot as her school’s sole nominee for the Charlotte Observer’s All-Star Scholar program. It’s also what helped her earn acceptance to Duke University this fall, where she will major in biology and minor in global health and Spanish – a move that she hopes will ultimately put her one step closer to her future goals and possibly Harvard Medical School. As a high school senior, Dakota built an impressive resume that boasts a 4.79 GPA, leadership roles in school clubs and participation in a large number of extracurricular activities. Thanks to a number of scholarships, her college education will also be completely paid for at no cost to her family. While you may catch the outstanding senior tutoring her peers and middle school students or volunteering with children who are served by the nonprofit The Sandbox, Dakota says the key to managing her busy schedule is time management and always being cognizant of not over-committing herself. 4705 Indian Trail-Fairview Rd. Indian Trail, NC 28079 704-882-1830 4705 Indian Trail-Fairview Rd | Indian Trail, NC 28079 10 $ FREE First Time Skate Skate Admission Learn-to-Skate Public Public does not include skate rental Enrollment Admission Skate nt does not include skate rental r offer. p 3.31.18 r offer. 8 BUY ONE GET ONE OFF Cannot be combined with any other offer. Cannot be combined with any other offer. One coupon per customer. Exp. 10.31.18 One coupon per customer. Exp. 10.31.18 Cannot be combined with any other offer. One per customer. Exp 3.31.18 FREE $ 10 Skate Rental off $ 10 OFF Birthday Birthday Party Party Cannot be combined with other offer. Cannot combined with any other offer. Cannot be any combined with any other be offer. One coupon per customer. Exp. customer. 10.31.18 Exp 3.31.18 One coupon per customer. Exp. 10.31.18 One per 18 • Sept/Oct 2018 • Parent Teacher Magazine  Dakota said she will always treasure the many experiences afforded to her by Porter Ridge High’s extracurricular and academic opportunities. Ho ݕٕȰ͡eЁ͡ȁ፥ѕЁ́͡ɕɕ́Ѽ)ٔȁխUٕͥѡ́L͡ɕ́Ѽ́)Ʌѥٔѥѥٔ٥ɽЁݡɔ͡ݥٔ)ѡչѼɽչ䃊qɥЁ́ݡɔ)ͥєЁѡȁݽɬt)́͡ɕ́ȁѥ͍́ѽ݅ɑ)ѡɔф́͡ͅխUٕͥݥЁȁ)ѠѥՕՍ́ȁͽɽͥ+qQ啅́ɽܰѕȁ'eٔɅՅѕɽչɝɅ)͍$Ё݅ЁѼѡͽѡЁ'e͕ٔ݅́)͕Lɕ䁥Ёɕɔ͕t͡)ͅq ٕ́ɕLݡ$Ё)ɔѡӊéݡЁ$͕͕t