Parent Teacher Magazine Union County Public Schools Sept/Oct 2018 - Page 18

Hundreds of UCPS school leaders explore ways to turn their learners into leaders More than 250 Union County Public Schools (UCPS) administrators and school leaders attended the school district’s annual Summer Leadership Institute. For several days, they attended panel discussions and workshops where they discussed EmpowerED, the districtwide culture shift in teaching and learning that aims to transform learners into leaders. The attendees also learned about ways to transform learning and classroom culture, how to integrate social media to enhance instruction, ways to bring “literacy to life” and more. Now, the principals, assistant principals and school leaders are ready to take what they’ve learned and integrate it into instructional practices and classrooms. “For us, EmpowerED digs into what is the difference between active engagement and truly empowering students,” said East Elementary Principal Camilla Brothers. “Now, we’re looking forward to making those definitions real so it’s evident when you look at our classroom instruction.” Walking down the hallway of Cuthbertson Middle in between sessions, Parkwood Middle Principal Dr. Jeff Kraftson said he is extremely proud of the progress his staff has already made with integrating the EmpowerED framework into classrooms. During the past year, the middle school has offered opportunities for students to make meaningful connections through a variety of academic options and clubs, collaborate with others both in and out of their classrooms, and become leaders of their own education through new tools such as the MAD-Learn mobile app program. Even so, Dr. Kraftson added, the workshops at the Summer Leadership Institute has helped him and his team identify even more ways to take their school to the next level. 16 • Sept/Oct 2018 • Parent Teacher Magazine  Providing more support and opportunities for teachers to grow their skills a 8'\]وH 8'H\H^[\\وZ\X\\\[YYY][[]Hۙ\YYX\B\YHوH[]X]]\H\[\[Y[\[H^YX\\^H\Hܚ]X[\ۙ[ܙX][H[\Bو۝[[\X[YH[ܛ '܈\]H[[\ݙKH\]HšY[YH\\X\و[\ݙ[Y[ [H]\KH[œYH\Y[[HZ[ۙ\\[H\ܛ\BXY[\\[ۜ[Z[[YY8$[\YHقHY[x&[H[[X][و\Y[8'HHZY 'ۛX[ۜXܘ][ۈ[ܙX]]]H^H[[\ܝ[B[] H\H[XYH[[HY\X[ۋ[H[˜۝[YHZ[ۈ\X\\[H]\K'BHH[وH\^KH[\[\\[[\[˜[XY\Y[ܝ[]HYXۈ]^x&]BX\Y[\\Z\\[ۈ\H\\XX[Y]^HHHۙ\[H]\Z^Y ]YHX[ۂ[܈H^YX\][[[H[ݙH\Z\[وܙX][[[\\Q\ܛK'܈\x&]HX[^Y]HYY[ݙHHZ[˜ۜ[Y\ܙX]ܜˈ܈\X[ۈ[x&\H[]][ٙ\[ۘ[][Y[\XX\[۝[YB\H[ܙH]][XX\[ܝ[]Y\8'HZY]\ۂY[\[Y\H] 8'[H]\KH[ZH\Y[XۈZ\[YH[\\ܛ\[^H^BXܘ]Y]Z\Y\[ܙX]YHX]^H[\[X]\H]8&\]^x&\H[H[[^BX]H\ ]H[وH^KH[\H[]H[\\\H\Y[܈Z\[\\YH[؈]\˸'