Parent Teacher Magazine Union County Public Schools Sept/Oct 2018 - Page 10

WHS student tackles the sports journalism industry, one microphone at a time If you’ve ever attended a Weddington High (WHS) baseball or varsity basketball game, you probably know Kendall Smith. Or, at the very least, you’ve probably heard her voice. For the past several years, the high school senior has announced a number of sports games at WHS and in the greater Charlotte area. Instead of spending her summer at home, Kendall recently participated in the University of South Carolina’s Carolina Journalism Institute, a summer program devoted to helping high school students enhance their knowledge of cutting-edge journalism techniques and standards. Check out what the “Voice of WHS baseball and basketball” had to say about her love of sports journalism and her time in the USC summer program: On how she fell in love with sports journalism: I was initially drawn to sports reporting in fifth grade when I auditioned for and was selected to be a broadcaster for the Antioch Elementary television station. I have a passion for speaking, a passion for sports, and a passion for telling stories. That passion has grown exponentially since my time at Antioch Elementary, but that is where my love for the sports journalism field began. On her experience in the program: Throughout the day, we took different classes that expanded our journalism skills in writing, broadcast, social media, etc. We also did field reporting and had the opportunity to shoot and report on our own stories around town. I, of course, picked baseball because the team just finished an incredible NCAA Super Regional run, and I wanted to pursue sports journalism. My most memorable experience in the program was going to the top of Williams Brice football stadium where all of the TV stations work during games. It was unreal getting to see such a massive stadium from that perspective, and I also dreamed about having the chance to actually report on the field and interview coaches and players one day. It was a motivating moment. On how her broadcast experience at WHS prepared her for future opportunities: I’ve announced WHS baseball games since I was a freshman and I also announce WHS basketball games. Any microphone exposure is essential to success in this field so they have both been instrumental in that regard. I’ve also had an internship with Carolina Sports Network since the summer of 2017. With them, I broadcast UNC Charlotte football, the Charlotte Hornets, and the Charlotte Knights games. These opportunities prepared me ]X[[YYH™^\Y[HH\Y\[\[\KH]H[ܙH^][ܝš\[\Hܝ[]Y\[Hܚ܈\[\[]H[B[YX] Bۈ\[[Y\ܘ[H[\\H\܈B\Y\[Y\\[\N\^\Y[H[\\BYH[[Y[[H܈YHX]\H]]HYHH8'YB^\Y[K'HH\\HYHٙ\ܜ[YBܚY[ڙX[Z[\HYHY[ ][H]YYHX]HYܝ]\]Z\\HX\ٝ[\H\[\BY[[YK[Y\\[\K[H^\Y[H[B]Z[HZXܛۙH\[[ HZ[[H[HH]šۙH^HܘY TݚYYYH]HܙX][H˂8(\  N8(\[XX\XY^[x